Make a Splash' with Cullen Jones a Huge Hit
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photo Album from Wednesday's events

SHREVEPORT-He sported his USA swim cap, his smile, and his passion for swimming at the Make a Splash effort on Wednesday, Nov. 10. Cullen Jones, that is, an Olympic gold medalist, a member of the memorable world record breaking relay team and an every day guy who travels across the US spreading the word on the importance of learning how to swim.

Jones visited Centenary and the community of Shreveport to share the initiative, "Make a Splash" partnered by ConocoPhillips and USA Swimming. This six city event series focused on the statistics and factors impacting a child's ability to swim and educating families about solutions to the drowning epidemic, including the availability of free or low cost swimming lessons in hundreds of cities across the country.

"There is no good reason for children to be put at risk simply because they never learned to swim. Make a Splash is helping prevent needless deaths while also creating opportunities for these kids to embrace a healthy and rewarding sport." -Cullen Jones

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