Gym Talk: Amanda Holt
Monday, November 29, 2010
Hey Everybody! It's Amanda Holt! I'm back again to tell you all about our team. This past week was Thanksgiving break for Centenary and our gracious coach decided to give all of us the whole week off so we could go home. How awesome is that! Although we got the whole week off to go home we still wanted to work extra hard to keep up with all the hard work we've done at the gym so far this year.  We used or little and big sisters as our contact to stay updated and connected to the team! It was super awesome, I called my big Kenz almost every day telling her about the awesomeness that I did that day, and she would do the same. It was super weird to be gone from the team for a whole week! I felt almost lost without them!

 A lot of us left on Friday after classes and Stephanie and I were last to leave on Saturday. Lauren decided to surprise her mom and leave a day early! Her mom was super excited to see her, and glad she got home safely. We all went to our home towns and spent Thanksgiving with our families. In the south the weather was super warm and almost in the 80's everyday but up north it was a different story. I had snow on the ground for the whole week! And it never got over 20 degrees. I guess my blood has thinned out living in the south.

 During the week we all worked out at our home gyms and were getting ready for season, because when we come back we will be in season ready to roll and compete in less than almost a month.

Top 5 things Centenary gymnasts are thankful for:

1. Having each other for love and support, and always being there for each othe

2. Having an awesome community around us that supports Centenary and it's athletes

3. Going to an awesome College that is willing to work with us in all aspects

4. Having such an awesome coach that cares for us in and outside of the gym

5. Having the support, love and care from our families back home