"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Hello Centenary supporters.  I hope you all have had a fun and exciting week.  This week we opened up our conference play at Western Illinois University and IUPUI.  We left early Friday morning for our 3 hour drive to the DFW airport.  Thankfully, we had no problems or delays with check-in and going through security.  We had a quick bite to eat at Friday's in the airport and then went to our gate and waited for our flight to Indianapolis.  There was quite a competitive game of spades taking place, while others curled up on the floor to get a quick nap.  I really don't understand how they can sleep so well on an airport floor.  I know airports clean the floors, but there are just too many pairs of feet that walk across that floor for me to ever think about sleeping on it.  But our players sure didn't seem to mind the potential germs that would be attacking them.

We finally landed in Indy and now had a long bus ride to Macomb, IL.  It took us a lot longer than expected due to the snow and wind.  I think we ended up watching 3 movies on the way to Macomb.  On Saturday, we had an early shoot-around at WIU and then it was a pre-game meal and back to the hotel for a quick nap before the game.  We were not only without Sarah; we would have to play without Anne as well.  She suffered a concussion at our Northwestern State game and wouldn't be able to play the entire trip.  The 4:30 tip off finally arrived.  We started off the game very well.  Ashley did a great job of taking the ball to the basket and hitting big shots.  We went in the locker room at the half down by 2.  To start the second half, we needed to come out with energy, intensity, and go on a run.  Instead, we came out just the opposite.  WIU came out ready to take control.  We dug ourselves a big hole at first, but after the second media time out, we finally started to play aggressive.   Unfortunately, our mental lapse in the first minutes of the second half really hurt us.  WIU capitalized on our mistakes and it was too much.  We ended up losing the game by 13.  It is so important for us to start putting a complete game of basketball together for us to be successful.  

Sunday, we made the long, cold trip back to Indy.  We stopped along the way at an Olive Garden for a good meal.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, my players love to color on the children's menus.  The kids menu had a word search, so of course the players tried to see who could find the words the quickest.  They kept saying how easy it was to find the words.  I had to remind them that it was for children, not 20 year olds.

Monday, we had a scout meeting and then we were off to our shoot-around at IUPUI.  Since tip off wasn't until 7pm, we were able to get a good meal in after shoot-around.  We ate a great restaurant in downtown Indianapolis. And just a quick bit of information for you, Indianapolis is home to the Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Women's Basketball Final Four will be held in Indy this year.

Our game against IUPUI didn't go at all how we had planned.  We didn't come out ready to play.  We got down early, and my starting post players got in foul trouble.  At one point in the game, I had 5 guards in.  Having 5 guards in the game can make both offense and defense very interesting.  But I thought they did a great job of clawing their way back into the game.  At the half we found ourselves down by 13.  Our second half woes seemed to return again.  We had our post players back, but still seemed to play with no energy.  We were not doing any of the little things.  We didn't get our box outs, decided not to use ball fakes, and did not communicate.  We got away from playing as a team and basic basketball fundamentals.  After the game, everyone was extremely upset about our beating we just had, and I'm really hoping it will encourage them to start realizing how much the little things matter in a game of basketball.

Tuesday we woke up to an extra cold morning for our travels back to Shreveport.  We'll also have Wednesday off to rest and get some extra, much needed studying in.  We'll come back to practice on Thursday to start preparing for UL-Lafayette.

Hope you like the quote for the week below.

"The person who is pulling on the oars usually hasn't time to rock the boat."

-Coach K