Gym Talk: Christine Langston
Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Hey everybody! I'm Christine Langston and I am a freshman on the team this year. This week was super fun! We got our pictures made for our posters and got to dress up in our meet hair and make up (which is always fun!). We also had one of the best practices we have ever had! Everyone was hitting their skills right and left and it was simply amazing. We are gonna rock it this year for sure.

We have been in the Christmas spirit all week, so we decided that we should have a Christmas practice for our last official practice before finals week. It was a ton of fun. Everyone dressed up in their best Christmas wear. Some people even painted their bodies!! Coach Gretchen made the assignment sheets coloring pages that you colored as you got that part of the assignment done. We also played Christmas music all practice, and if you're like me that is a treat in itself!

Speaking of treats, we also got to go to a Mud Bugs hockey game this weekend to get our names out in the community. The game was a lot of fun, and afterwards we got to go ice skating! It was so funny to watch our entire team out there trying to ice skate. Some people were pretty good at it. I, however, was not very good. I wiped out twice. haha Once because some of us were all skating in a line holding hands and they decided to sling shot the person on the outside of the line, which naturally would be me, and I wound up going flying while spinning and landed on my back and continued to spin. My teammates got a kick out of that. haha I have to admit too, it was kind of fun. Everyone was laughing and you could tell they were having fun the whole time!

Lastly, we just had our second intrasquad of the year and everyone did soooo good! We definitely had some Vault Shakers, Bar Stars, Beam Queens and Floor Roars!!!!!! I am so proud of everyone of my teammates today! I can't wait for competition season to start because we are going to rock it out and own those meets this year! It's going to be awesome! Can't wait to see you guys at our meets, January 8th and February 4th in the Gold Dome BABY!!! :)