"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Merry Christmas everyone... I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  The players have had a long week with finals, presentations, and practice.  Practice this week was very interesting.  We now have 9 players on the team, but Sarah is still out with a back injury and Vashni tweaked her knee again.  So that left 7 players at practice.

Wednesday's practice was a fundamental day.  We did a lot of shooting drills and breakdown defensive drills.  The players were in good spirits about such small numbers and we actually had one of our best practices of the year.  Thursday's practice did not go quite as well as Wednesday's practice.  I think all night cramming sessions for finals caught up with the players.  I could tell they were tired and having trouble focusing on basketball.  Fortunately, not many of them had a final on Friday so they were able to get some rest Thursday night. 

Practice on Friday began with putting up old rims on the goals.  The Texas Wesleyan men's basketball team practiced in the Gold Dome before us.  They had a game in Jackson, MS, but wanted to break up the long trip with a practice.  Texas Wesleyan had some very big guys on their team.  The coach walked in my office to say hello and also to tell me that his big kid had dunked and broke the rim.  When I walked out in the gym, it wasn't hard to guess which player broke the rim.  And he sure did a good job of breaking it.  Thankfully, Boyd knew where the old rims were and was able to put them on before our practice.  Even with the distraction of the rims, we had a really good practice on Friday. Michaela, a former player, helped us out at practice so we were able to play some 4 on 4 to prepare for Southeastern.

Tip off against Southeastern was at 2 pm on Saturday.  We knew with only 7 players we would have to play smart basketball and do a good job of slowing down the tempo.  We couldn't get into a running match with them.  I thought we did a great job of handling SLU subbing in 4 to 5 players just about every media time out.  SLU was definitely trying to take advantage of our small team.  We did a great job of breaking a variety of presses they showed us and controlling the tempo.  Even though we ended up losing by 10, I thought it was our best game of the year.  We played and fought all 40 minutes of the game and we finally came out with energy after half time.  We still have to take care of the basketball better, but we improved on our box outs and did a much better job rebounding.  Overall, I was very proud of how we played and the effort we showed throughout the game.

Sunday, we went back to work for some more shooting drills and worked on our free throws.  That evening, we had our Christmas dinner at Outback.  I don't cook, and will not cook, but I wanted the players to have a nice dinner before we left for Christmas break.  Our next practice will be on December 26th.  We'll start preparing for our upcoming conference games against Oakland and IPFW.

Hope you enjoy the quote for the week.

"You can have everything in life you want if you'll just help enough other people to get what they want!"