"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Hi everyone and Happy New Year!  We've played two games since my last blog.  On Friday, December 31st, we played a home conference game against IPFW.  IPFW has both a great inside and outside game.  We knew we would have to start the game strong and we did. We came out executing on offense and hitting big shots.  More importantly, we played solid, high pressure defense.  The momentum was in our favor, and we finally did a good job of controlling the pace of the game.  And then came the second half.... If you've read past blogs, you know that the second half is not our favorite.  We stopped getting back in transition and we allowed too many wide open three's. 

IPFW is a great three point shooting team and we knew if they got on a roll we would be in trouble.  I ended up getting my very first technical foul in the game.  I disagreed with the way one of the officials was calling the contact driving to the basket.  This official is a veteran official and I've known him since my Northwestern State days. So I must have really annoyed him.  I guess he didn't appreciate me yelling "you've got to call body!"  Ooops!  And really, I'm not upset about the technical foul.  Every head coach has to get one eventually.  But I really don't feel I earned and/or deserved it.  I feel like the official robbed me of my first technical foul story.  I can't say I ran on the court like a crazy coach, I can't say I was in his ear the entire game saying mean and disrespectful things, or anything really technical foul worthy in my opinion.  I very much respect the official that gave me the technical foul, but I just simply can't count it as my first.  So I'm going to refer to it as my warm up tech. Who knows when the next "T" comes?

The players were given New Year's Day off to rest from a long week of practice and games.  We were back on the 2nd to prepare for our game at McNeese State University. MSU is basically a home game for me.  Its only 15 minutes from my home in Sulphur, and I even graduated high school in their gym, Burton Coliseum.  We had a great crowd at the game.  My family, coach Fontenot's family, and some of the player's families were able to attend.  A lot of people from my home church, Henning Memorial United Methodist Church also attended the game to give us their support.  My mom and sister even gave us homemade cookies and brownies for after the game.  Even with the support and fun food, we couldn't have started the game any worse than we did.  We dug ourselves quite a big hole to get out of.  Fortunately, we started to get some momentum towards the end of the first half.  But in the second half we continued not to box out and get rebounds.  MSU had second chance shots almost every possession.  Rebounding wins basketball games and we chose not to rebound at all.

Now, we're done with all of our non-conference opponents and its all conference games now.  We leave Friday morning for our games at North Dakota State and South Dakota State.  As always I'll update you in my next blog.

Fun Fact:  I won the snowball fight last year and I plan on winning again this year.

The quote for the week is by John Dewey.

"The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action."