Gym Talk: Stephanie Wright
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Hey Guys!! This is Steph writing this week's gym talk! We began our week the Sunday before our semester started for school! I personally LOVE the first week of school! Starting new classes is so fun! And second semester means we are in season!! We started our Sunday with a quick clean up of our equipment and as a team we set a goal for doing it under 2 hours! We were very organized and worked like such a team and totally finished in 1 hour and 37 minutes!! Ooh yeah ladies! Equipment clean up.....COMPLETE!

After our speedy clean up everyone was ready to get prepared for our first day of school, and then... school was cancelled!! We had a snow day! It should have been more of an "ice day" because I think it snowed for a total of 5 minutes, but we were all still super excited! And because we didn't have school we were able to get more time in the gym! We also were able to fit in a fun spin core workout after!  Because we didn't have a meet this weekend we were able to really concentrate on our conditioning, strength, and get in a lot of numbers this week, which was awesome and will really help our routines!

Our snow day was short lived because we had school on Tuesday. But we were able to get a taste of our new class and gym schedule this week. In the gym we had some really good assignments that concentrated on all different aspects of our routines. We spiced things up in our conditioning this week by taking a jazzercise class and a hip-hop class! They were so fun! Most of us had never done anything like that before which made it even more exciting. We ended our gymnastics week with pressure sets on beam. This was really good to do both for our mental and physical training. After working super hard at our practices Gretchen gave us Friday and Saturday off which was good to let our bodies rest, Thanks Gretchen!! And now we are fully recovered and ready to work hard this week at OU next weekend! Go Ladies!!!! Thanks for reading!