Gym Talk: Marisa Schneider
Monday, January 24, 2011
Hey Centenary Gymnastics Fans,

It's Marisa Schneider here and let me tell you... what a week it was for The Centenary Gymnastics Team.  All week we were physically and mentally getting ready for our first travel meet to Norman, Oklahoma to compete with OU, Denver, and Oregon State.  However, this preparation didn't stop us from giving back to the Shreveport/Bossier community on Martin Luther King Day.  We started the week off fresh with Dream Week 2011 here at Centenary College! Instead of taking Monday as a "day OFF" the Centenary Gymnastics team joined many of the other Centenary students, athletes, staff, and members of the community with a "day ON" to help out at 3 different locations in the Shreveport community!  After a great morning of some hard work cleaning mats at Querbes Park and decorating tote bags for first grade students at Stoner Hill Elementary School, we were ready for a great day of hard work in the gym! 

Before we knew it, it was Wednesday, and we were having our last practice before we took off the next day for Oklahoma! This was no ordinary practice for the Ladies but a "Tacky Theme Day" which consisted of uncoordinated outfits and mismatching makeup that ultimately led the Ladies to leave with great confidence for the road! 

Some of the Ladies got to attend their Thursday morning classes, but as soon as 11 am came around, we met at the Gold Dome, boarded the bus with our driver Wendall, and hit the road! After everyone got settled Brittany and Meg made us all some delicious sandwiches and handed them out!  After a quick six hour bus ride, and a few movies later, we arrived at our hotel.  After being cramped up on a bus for such a long amount of time, the Ladies like to stretch out those muscles and do some walking around.  Although it was a bit chilly in Norman, we all put on our NEW winter jackets with our Centenary Ladies logo and took a nice stroll around the neighborhood where our hotel was located.  After that we enjoyed a nice family dinner at Carino's Italian restaurant.

The next morning consisted of getting ready, grabbing some lunch, and hanging out until we headed off to the Lloyd Noble Center.  When we arrived we finished getting ready in the locker room where we remained "Calm but Pumped" (inspirational words by Lauren Carlton).  It was obvious it was going to be a great night for the Ladies!!  There was nothing but positivity flowing through the air. We made noticeable improvements that night which left us with confidence on our shoulders as we headed back to Shreveport!  Now we have another great week to get prepared for our next meet at TWU on Saturday at 7pm!

Now all I have left to say is GOOOOO STEELERS!!!