"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Hello again Centenary supporters.  This week I only have one game to report on.  We played Oral Roberts on Saturday.  We had some good practices leading up to the game.  ORU runs a full court zone press back into a half court zone defense.  I thought we had done a really good job at practice on adjusting to what ORU would run against us and we seemed confident in our ability to get to the open gaps and find the open player.  Offensively, I knew we would have to protect the basketball and limit our turnovers.  ORU does a great job of converting their opponent's turnovers into points.

Friday morning we headed out to Tulsa.  I think we watched 3 movies on the way there.  And I'm pretty sure everyone's favorite movie was The Lion King.  It is always fun when a movie we all watched as were kids still gets everyone excited.  I couldn't help but smile when I heard Jalena and some of the other players singing along with the movie during the fun songs.  And I might have joined in too.

Game time was scheduled for 2:05 on Saturday.  We all had a good breakfast in the hotel, packed up our stuff and headed across the street to the gym.  When we arrived at the gym, we were greeted by Coach B.  He was the former head coach and assistant coach here at Centenary.  It was really great to see Bojan and his family.  After the hugs and visiting, it was game time.

We started off doing a good job of handling ORU's pressure, and we also did a much better job of crashing the boards.  Then we went crazy.  We started to panic with the pressure and we weren't rotating to our spots correctly.  To top that off, we were missing some easy buckets that we would normally make.  I think that got us extra frustrated and our heads got out of the game.  We found ourselves down by 16 at the half.  The second half, we did not protect the basketball and ORU took advantage of every turnover we made.  We also didn't recover quick enough out to some key shooters after we had to help or rotate on defense.  In the end, we did do a much better job on the boards, but we had too many offensive breakdowns with ORU's pressure.

After the game, we went to eat dinner and then returned back to watch our men's basketball team play.  We had Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off so we knew it would be alright for us to get home later.  But we really felt it was important to show our men's team support and cheer them on.

Today, we come back to practice and start preparing for our games at Oakland and IPFW.  After our away series, we'll come back home for our homecoming game against South Dakota State on February 5th.

Thanks for checking in with our women's basketball team and I hope you like the following quote by Winston Churchill.

"When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber."