"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Hello everyone!  Normally I write my blogs from my apartment or from my office in the Gold Dome.  Today is very different.  I'm sitting in a hotel in downtown Indianapolis watching sideways snow falling.  We were supposed to fly home on Tuesday, but Mother Nature had other plans.  Then our flight for today was canceled too.  Now we're all praying we can fly home tomorrow.  The road crews are doing a great job of clearing off the roads, but the sidewalks have massive layers of ice on them.  Most of the businesses are closed, so we're pretty much stuck in the hotel for today.  If it's possible, we might make an exciting trip to Wal-Mart.  The players really want the mall to open later just for something to do, but in the mean time, they're trying to catch up on studying and preparing their school work for when we get back.  Most of their professors are very understanding of our travel issues.

As for our games against Oakland and IPFW, our rebounding issues came into play again.  Oakland out rebounded us by 16 boards.  In addition to that, as a team we had one of our worst shooting nights in a long time.  Thankfully, Sarah Weiler, had a great game for us that night.  Sarah stepped up and hit some big shots for us.  There was an unusual stat from the game.  We shot 3 - 4 from the free throw line, and Oakland shot 17 - 22.  We normally shoot quite a few more free throws than that in a game.

On Sunday, we headed to Fort Wayne, IN.  We had to drop the men's team off at the airport in Detroit first.  We got to Fort Wayne really early so we went to the mall.  Some of the girls took full advantage of the mall.  When we met up at the food court, some came back with 3 or 4 bags in their hands.  I hope everything fits in their bag to fly home.  We had a great practice at IPFW and then it was back to the hotel for some sleep.  Tip off was at 7:00 pm on Monday night.  We allowed IPFW to have 14 offensive boards.  IPFW is a great shooting team, so to give them that many second chances in the game killed us.  I received my second technical foul.  This one was actually funny.  I received my warning in the first half.  The official said I was arguing too much.  I corrected her by explaining that I was only questioning her calls.  I explained that the other two officials were doing a great job, and that she needed to step up.  I guess she didn't appreciate that, so I got a warning. Oops!  During the second half, I tried not to be annoying to her and not get on her nerves.  But apparently that didn't work.  She ran along side of our bench to get position on the baseline.  I gave her a frustrated look.  I did not say anything.  She gave me a technical foul for looking at her funny.  What?  The other two officials were confused, I was confused, the table crew was confused, the players on both teams were confused, and even the crowd was confused.  Normally when a coach gets a "T" the crowd really gets into it especially if you're the opposing coach.  The crowd was silent.  Maybe they were trying to impersonate how I got my technical foul.  The official wasn't the reason we lost the game.  We didn't box out or defend how we should have.  On a positive note, we did do a much better job with our transition defense.  IPFW didn't have any fast break points.

Our next two games are at home in the Gold Dome.  It's also homecoming week at Centenary.  Saturday, we play SDSU at 2:00 pm.  Hopefully we'll be able to fly home to play the game.  SDSU might be in Shreveport before we are.

I hope you enjoy the following quote.

"The road to success is always under construction."