Gym Talk: Robyn Price
Monday, February 7, 2011
Hello Centenary gymnastics fans!!  This is Robyn Price, a freshman here to tell you about our very exciting and eventful week! We started off this week coming off of a meet in Denton, TX against TWU, Hamline, and Winona State.  We could not wait to get back in the gym after placing 2nd in the meet and building our team confidence.  We practiced hard throughout the week to keep preparing for our meet this weekend.

Thursday we got the opportunity to go to the Founder's Day Convocation as a team.  This was a great time to come together and celebrate the birthday of Centenary College.  It was a very formal event in Brown's Chapel and they recognized many of our Centenary alumni and the Class of 2011.

Friday morning our campus woke up to a surprising SNOW DAY!  Unfortunately, because of the inclement weather we were unable to host our senior meet against Southeast Missouri State.  But, this didn't stop us from having an awesome mock meet Friday night.  It was a BLAST!!  We had many fans, students, and parents come out to support us.  We even had President Rowe and professors come out to be our judges!  This was a successful Homecoming event as we got to recognize our excellent SENIORS and perform our skills in front of our friends and family. 

Saturday morning we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel at the last minute back to Denton, TX to compete against Texas Women's University and Southeast Missouri State.  This was a fun meet because it was TWU's "Pink Meet" to support women's breast cancer.  It was also our team's highest scoring meet so far with a score of 190.625.  

Being a freshman on this team I have grown as a person and have learned so many different things.  I am so proud to be able to call myself a Centenary Lady because I honestly believe there is no other team out there like ours.  We are so close and supportive of each other just like a family.  It is so fun competing with this team because you can see the love for the sport in everybody's eyes and we are always so energetic.  It is the best feeling being out on the floor watching my teammates hit their routines that they have worked so hard for.  It is AWESOME!

We dedicated this week to our outstanding seniors because they take a huge role on this team.  Our seniors, Maille Vetros, Makensie Lant, Tara Sandoval, Marisa Schneider, and Laura Loy, have been such great leaders on our team.  They are great role models for us and show their motivation and determination in the gym everyday.  I look up to them so much!

I just want to say thanks to all of our fans for coming out to the meet and to all the people who helped make it happen! A special thanks to the baseball team and all the friends and family who helped us with the equipment this weekend!  I hope everyone has a great week and keep an eye out for next week's gym talk!!!