"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello everyone.  I hope you’re staying warm.  We finally made it back from Indianapolis Thursday afternoon.  We had hoped to leave the snow and ice behind, but when we returned home, we found more snow and ice.  I had to call South Dakota State Thursday night to remind them that Louisiana is very different than South Dakota.  We shut down when snow falls.  On Friday, they were unable to fly into Shreveport.  They had to bus from Dallas and that took them quite a while and even caused them to miss their practice time.  We all had to practice at LSU-S due to the gymnastics meet in the Gold Dome.  I had to take the team over in 2 shifts.  I really didn’t want them driving on the roads.  We had a really good practice and I thought we made some improvements with our defense.

Finally Saturday afternoon had arrived.  It was also homecoming at Centenary and we had a pretty good crowd at our game.  We started out well and we did a great job executing our defensive adjustments. While our defense was keeping us in the game, we couldn’t buy a shot on offense.  It seemed like the basket had a lid over it.  Shots we would normally make, just wouldn’t fall in.  The second half was much like the first.  We had good rotations on defense, but still struggled on offense.

Sunday, we came in to prepare for North Dakota State.  We concentrated more on ourselves and did a lot of shooting drills and reviewed some of our defensive changes.

During Monday’s game, I felt like the kids had more confidence in their play.  We were also doing a much better job of playing as a team.  Everyone was on the same page and worked together to execute our game plan.  We started the game great.  Our defense was driving our confidence on offense.  We were even doing a great job of boxing out and rebounding.  We were down by 6 at halftime and I really felt we had the momentum in our favor.  North Dakota hit some big shots in the second half and we ended up losing the game by 9 points.  I can’t say enough about how we played.  It was definitely our best performance of the year.  We we’re even on rebounds and we did a great job of protecting the basketball on offense.  It was a hard fought ball game from both teams and a fun game to be apart of.

Our next two games are on the road against UMKC and Southern Utah.  I really hope we carry over the way we played against NDSU into our games this weekend.

When we return, we’ll have our “Think Pink” game on Saturday, February 19th.  We really hope to see you there supporting your Ladies and Breast Cancer Awareness.  Admission is free and be sure to wear your pink.

I hope you enjoy the quote for the week.

“When life kicks you, let it kick you forward.”  -- Kay Yow