Gym Talk: Christy Martinez
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Hey everyone! I'm Christy and reporting on another great week with the Ladies Gymnastics team!

We started out this week with quite a different type of practice on Sunday. We began with beam performance sets and other various things with blindfolds on! This taught us how to feel our bodies and what they are doing rather than always trying to see where we are. It was cool to see the trust we gave our coach when she asked us to do this as well as the trust we had in our own bodies and abilities. We then moved on to doing dance performance sets on beam while trying to act out different things. Our dances looked so polished that we decided we would take this into our routines daily!  We took this lesson over to floor and had so much fun and a lot of laughing over there.  We have a very entertaining and creative team!

On Wednesday night we had a dinner to honor our five seniors: Marisa, Maille, Makensie, Tara, and Laura. Our junior class went to Gretchen's house to help her cook a wonderful meal. They did a great job preparing some fancy food and even serving us our first course and giving us grand descriptions of each dish.  It was a black tie event and we all came dressed in pretty dresses.  We ate our meal and then hung out with each other. The night ended with everyone going around the table saying their favorite memory they had with each of the seniors and the seniors telling us what they learned from being part of the Ladies' Gymnastics team for four years.  It was an emotional night.

We ended the week with a meet at TWU with Illinois State. This meet marked the beginning of the Ladies' Unstoppable Tour 2011. This was our best meet so far this year. I got to compete an upgraded vault for the first time and achieved my career high of a 9.8. Fellow sophomore, Meg, competed vault for the first time and got a 9.825! Jessica competed in the all-around and placed third and Marisa placed first on beam. As a team we achieved our season high of a 191.125 that placed us in second for our third win of the season! It was a night filled with desire and trust and focused energy.  It was so much fun!

We hit the road to continue our Unstoppable Tour for the next five meets. Stay tuned to hear how the Ladies compete. Next stop Missouri!