Blog: Last Time Out w/ Candace Rushing
Monday, September 5, 2011

Throughout my years here at Centenary, I have not been a part of winning our opening two games yet.  In the 2009-10 season, we started the season off right, winning the first five games, however that was the season that I red-shirted.  To be incorporated into a part of a “winning streak” is rewarding.  After all of the adversity that Centenary has overcome, it is exciting to see our team doing well.   Not only are we doing well, but the men’s soccer team and the volleyball team are both performing beyond expectations too. 

Our season began weeks before our first game.  As mentioned in my last blog, preseason was short, but very worthwhile.  We learned a lot of new information that was helpful in our first two games.  Coach Neese has brought to the table a lot of crucial tactics and mindsets that have helped propel us through our practices and first games against Texas College and Millsaps.

Last Thursday, my last first game of a season, kicked off with a bang.  Game time was set for 5:00 P.M at Centenary against Texas College.  With the help from not only a supportive team but also a supportive crowd, junior Holden Penney found the back of the net just minutes into the game.  With a little bit of luck I also found the back of the net on a header outside of the eighteen later in the first half.  Goals continued to pour in as freshman Carly Slovensky, sophomore Justine Russell, and junior Traci Lee each secured goals of their own.  Texas College did not pressure keeper Brittaney Dunn throughout the game’s entirety.  We were able to possess the ball well and keep the game in our hands.  Coach Evans was pleased with our effort and mentioned beginning a successful path down our new road in Division III. 

Saturday morning began early with a 7:30 A.M. bus ride to Jackson, Mississippi to play Millsaps.  Last season we defeated the Majors 1-0 at home.  Like before, we ended up beating them again just 1-0.  Although the score seems close, we outplayed Millsaps.  During the first half especially, we were able to string multiple passes together by finding feet, resulting in loads of pressure on the Major’s defensive line.  Unfortunately we were not able to capitalize on our numerous chances in the first half.  Thankfully, Penney scored her second goal of the season off of a rebound from a corner kick by Russell.  The wet surface and high intensity of the game took a toll on us in the second half, however we were able to continue to create opportunities and keep Millsaps from a goal of their own.

Although we are all extremely excited to have begun the season off on the right foot, we are also aware of the need to remain focused.  We are cognizant of the challenge this season holds, however we are ready to take it on.  With a newfound confidence in us and in our program, no challenge is too great.   Hopefully our strengths will continue to shine throughout this coming week as we take on two more opponents.

Before you sign off, make sure to watch the video.  The video highlights our home field, our next games, and what next week’s video will hold.  Thanks for reading.  Until next time…

-Candace Rushing