Gym Talk: Stephanie Wright
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Hello Ladies Fans!!!

I hope everyone has had a great summer! This is Stephanie Wright, now writing to you as a SENIOR!!  Oh my gosh how time flies!!! Over the summer the Ladies have, of course been working hard in the gym, but we have also had some awesome new additions to our team! Starting with our new head coach Jackie Fain! And the addition of 6 new freshmen!! Coach Jackie has come to us with an incredible background in gymnastics and we can already see how much passion she has for the sport, and we've only been here two weeks. I am so excited for this next year!!! Get ready to see some awesome gymnastics!!!

As for our 6 new freshmen, we have Noel Stubbs and Natalie Humbert coming to us from Florida, Lissa Naylor and Christina Navarro from Texas, Lauren Cullen from Oklahoma, and Sylvia Keiter from Arkansas. They are all so excited to be here and are going to be great additions to our team! Between moving in, orientation, first day of class, and just being a freshmen we have kept them very busy!! The night before school we had our whole team over to mine and Melody's house, it was so great to have everyone in the same room!! Our team is so big and so crazy!

Also because we now have 6 new girls added to our team, they all get to have big sisters!! For the first week of school the "big sisters" gave their "little sisters" little hints and clues which all lead to a big revealing the next weekend! Our juniors were so creative and made puzzles that revealed who their big sister was only when they were all put together! I think having big and little sisters on the team is so great! It brings us together and gives the underclassmen someone to look up to and someone to help them out with anything!

As far as workouts go we have had some team conditioning, which is always fun! We get to all work hard together, and get stronger!! We were finally able to get into the gym this past week for our first open gym time! It was so nice to get back into the gym, I know everyone has missed it. It was also really exciting to workout with Coach Jackie for the first time!! She has a lot of experience coaching and being a judge, which will help us tremendously for the future! I know everyone is looking forward to this next year and it's going to be a great one!

We have also had two birthdays already on the team!! Happy birthday Noel Stubbs and Lauren Cullen!! They turned 18 and 19 this past weekend. (Oh my gosh I feel old!!) We had a surprise dinner for them, which is always really fun.

I know everyone is looking forward to this next week, because we are going to be able to get into the gym more and I think everyone's class schedule is finally figured out! So look forward to reading about what happens next week on Gym Talk! Have a great week!!