Gents Soccer Builds Bond with Local YMCA
Monday, September 12, 2011

SHREVEPORT-In the midst of a successful start to the 2011 season, the Centenary men's soccer team took time out of last Thursday's practice to work with Shreveport's YMCA youth soccer organization.

The Gents held a skills clinic on Mayo Field that featured kids ages 4-9 involved with the Northwest Louisiana YMCA youth soccer organization in town. The focus was improving the young player's soccer skills by concentrating on passing, receiving, shooting and the FUNdementals of the game.

"Each year the Centenary men's soccer team participates in the NW Louisiana community through outreach projects (mostly soccer clinics for children). The Gents love it and it's awesome to promote the sport of soccer, sportsmanship and fitness to the kids in their community," said head coach David Orr.

With a strong admiration for youth sports in the Shreveport-area, the Centenary Gents continued to promote their sport to the fullest with the participation of the YMCA.

"Sports promote positive attributes such as dedication, honesty, sportsmanship, integrity, team work, competition, motivation, and passion," said Orr. "Centenary College Soccer is obligated to provide services that promote such attributes to its community. Many of our players are products of the NW Louisiana community! Also, it is important that Centenary College Soccer promotes to its own student athletes the importance and responsibility to assist its community. What we find, time and time again, is that we love working with our community."

"We would like to thank Rachel Clarke of the NW Louisiana YMCA for allowing Centenary Gents Soccer to work with these kids! It will be a memory we won't soon forget."