Gym Talk: Melody Smith
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Hello Gym Talk Fans!!!

My name is Melody Smith and I am a SENIOR on the Centenary Gymnastics Team!!  First of all I would like to say I can't believe I am already a senior, time flies by so incredibly fast!!  Each year on this team has been so tremendous and different, and I am really looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for us! This week was full of excitement because it was our first full week of open gym practice with the 2011-12 Centenary Ladies!!! Since Monday was Labor Day, everyone was able to come in for open gym!!  This was such an awesome way to launch off our first week of gymnastics, it was so great to finally see what all of our new freshies were capable of and all of the new skills the returning ladies had learned over the summer.  I think all of the Ladies would agree when I say that it was a very successful first day! It is so amazing how much talent we have on this team, and I know that we are going to be awesome this year!!

Tuesday the seniors led open conditioning; during the conditioning we had all of the "sisters" pair up so the older sister could help out the younger ones!! It was so cute and productive!! Later on we had open gym; this was the first time we had to go from school to gym then back to school!  But it went very well!! We had a great day at the gym and all the Ladies were able to make it to class on time! Wednesday, I had an off day which was much needed after two full days of hard work!!

By the time Friday came around we were all ready to go at it again! A lot of the Ladies did dance routines on floor which is always fun!!  Also we were all throwing our new skills so we can get those 10.0 start values!! Saturday all of the Ladies participated in a little bit of volunteer work; half of the ladies went to the Dragon Boat Festival and the other half worked at Centenary's 25th Annual Book Bizarre!!  At the Dragon Boat Festival, the Ladies participated in the boat races, they said it was a lot of fun and it was good to be able to bond with the different sports here at Centenary.  The festival's proceeds went towards Caddo Parish Schools!!   At the Book Bizarre we helped people check out and sort books, all of the proceeds from the Book Bizarre will go towards different programs at Centenary.

As you can tell this past week was a great one for the Centenary Ladies! I know I'm looking forward to this next week, because it's going to be my birthday!! YAY 21!! So thanks for reading and be sure to tune in next week, have a great week!!