Gym Talk: Lauren Carlton
Friday, September 23, 2011
Hey yall, my name is Lauren and I am a SENIOR on the Centenary Ladies gymnastics team this year!  WOW, I can't believe I'm almost done with gymnastics, it feels like just yesterday that I started my freshman year here at Centenary!  And I'm glad to say that after being in gymnastics for 15 years I love it just as much today as the day I first started, if not even more!!

First off I would like to wish my girl Melody a happy 21st birthday! Melody turned 21 this past Saturday night and now all of the seniors are finally 21! We even had some alumni in town that were able to help us celebrate! Marisa who just recently became a Centenary gymnastics alumnus was here as well as Julia who was a senior when we were just young freshies ourselves.  We actually had three old teammates in town last weekend too! Too bad they couldn't all come in on the same weekend. It is always so nice to see old teammates come back to visit!! I'm so excited for season this year when we have all the alum come back to support us at home!

This week was a great week for the Centenary Ladies filled with class, workouts, and open gym!  Our juniors gave the seniors a break this week from leading our voluntary morning conditioning which was nice! They did an awesome job planning our workouts for us! By the time the weekend came around we were ready to hit the gym hard with open gym Friday, and class time on Saturday and Sunday! We also supported some of our fellow athletic teams this weekend by helping out with the concession stands at the soccer games.  And by the way props to both the Men and Women's soccer teams for winning all the games they had this weekend!

After open gym Friday and volunteering at the concession stands it was time for our first Saturday night to have class time.  You would think it might be hard for a team to go into the gym on a Saturday night, but not for the Ladies! We had a great practice Saturday night that started with each class giving a presentation.  Each class was given a topic they had to research and then present to the rest of the team! Some of the topics included, flexibility, plyometrics, and heart rate.  Everyone did an awesome job with their presentations and we really learned a lot that we actually used in practice the following day! 

We also did a fun communication activity where we split up into groups and one of the group members was blind folded and had to make it across the floor with many obstacles in the way.  How we made it across the floor was listening to our teammates as they guided us in which direction to go, this activity was to help us learn how important communication within the team is! And I cannot agree with this more, communication is definitely key in some situations when you are part of a team! Then finally we were ready to do some gymnastics! Everyone on the team who practices floor went to floor first and we got some great tumbling in, I can't believe how much everyone is improving already! School has barely just started and we already have girls learning new skills! It makes me so excited for season and I hope everyone else is getting just as excited as me! Stay tuned next week for find out what kind of shenanigans the Ladies have been up to this week!