Gym Talk: Jessica Lieblich
Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Hey everyone!!! I'm Jessica Lieblich and I am a junior on the Centenary Gymnastics team. First of all I would like to say that I'm definitely excited to be an upper classmen this year! But it feels like yesterday that I was freshman and experiencing college for the first time. I know this year will be filled with so many fun memories and I am so excited to share a couple of those memories I've experienced this week with you!

This week was filled with tons of fun and exciting new experiences. The Ladies began the week with open gym on Tuesday and Wednesday where everyone had a great time working hard on all their skills. We all were striving to reach our skill milestone for October 18th. If we continue to reach our skills goals, we will be on track for success when January comes around.  I have to stay how awesome it is that the Centenary Ladies can come in on Wednesday mornings at 6 am and have such fun and positive attitudes!

The next couple days the Ladies worked not only in the gym, but also in school. Many gymnasts had tests and papers due that they were working hard on in order to reach our goal of a 3.4 GPA this semester! The week flew by and before we knew it was the weekend! The Ladies all came out on Friday and Saturday to support the volleyball team as they played their hearts out. We had a blast watching, cheering, and supporting our team!

On Saturday, we had class time and we did some new and exciting conditioning and exercises that Coach Jackie taught us. Our whole team began gym on floor, where we performed endurance sets. We broke up into groups and each group took turns tumbling criss-cross, down the line of the floor and back. It was pretty cool to watch so much tumbling at once. We also did some fun plyometric training!  For instance, we performed mat pushes, jumps with weights onto mats, and long jumps across the floor. All of this hard work is helping to prepare us to meet our milestones we set for ourselves in the middle of next month!

The Centenary Ladies are definitely on their way to success! If we just keep up the hard work, determination, and perseverance, we can conquer any obstacle in our path!!!