Blog: Last Time Out w/ Candace Rushing
Monday, October 10, 2011
The beginning of last week was difficult to swallow.  Last week marked the 'over halfway done' point in our season.  During practice throughout the week, I caught myself being more attentive to every detail, taking in everything.  This past weekend in our games against McMurry and Hardin-Simmons, I found myself being a bit more passionate than usual, going just that much harder to the ball.  I guess these are characteristics that a senior begins to own as she begins to realize that this is it.  Six games remain- just six. 

I know I am not just speaking for myself but for my fellow seniors, Eren Corapcioglu, Laura Immenschuh, and Catlin Orschel, when I wish that these last six games, along with this entire season, continue to leave a lasting impression on Centenary women's soccer.  Judging from the way that my team played this past weekend, I think that it is highly possible to end the season in a winning fashion. 

McMurry arrived at Mayo Field last Thursday with just one conference win under its belt against Louisiana College.  As we walked onto our field to compete, we knew that McMurry was a very beatable team.  It took just four minutes for junior Holden Penney to begin the goal scoring as she beat the keeper from a pass by Immenschuh.  Immenschuch would score one of her own just five minutes later.  McMurry would hold us at two for the remainder of the first half, however the second half would begin similarly to the first.  Junior Courtney Cleveland scored her first of the game just three minutes in.  At the 63-minute mark, Cleveland netted her second of the game to end the goal scoring at four.  Freshman keeper Brittaney Dunn kept the ball out of her net, as she did not allow McMurry to post any goals of its own.

In my years at Centenary, only once did I feel the way I felt before the Hardin-Simmons game on Saturday.  The only other time I felt as much excitement was my freshman year when we took on the University of Arkansas at home.  What an opportunity we had to compete, and compete well, against an SEC team.  This Saturday, we had an even greater opportunity- to compete against a National Champion, a number one ranked team. 

Kick-off began and almost immediately, we knew that we could compete with the Cowgirls.  Rather than sit back and attempt to play defense for ninety minutes, we realized that we were capable of attacking when we had opportunities.  Hardin-Simmons was good and did not allow us much attack, however when it was on, it was on.  Every attempt we had on the Cowgirls end, they felt pressure and kicked the ball out of bounds.  We were outshot, however I do not feel that we were outplayed.  Any team can be beaten on any given night and I believe that on another night, we may have been able to beat Hardin-Simmons.  We were able to hold the National Champions to just two goals.  Their first came late in the first half and their second came late in the second half.  It was disappointing to work so hard and result in a score that was not to our liking, however we walked off proud of ourselves and in the end, kept our heads high. 

This weekend was memorable not only because it began the end of my last season, but also because my team was able to compete well on two occasions.  We finally put away a team without letting them hang around for a game's entirety and we played to the best of our ability against a National Champion. 

Keep us in your thoughts as we travel to Tyler, Texas and to Austin, Texas this weekend when we take on UT-Tyler and Concordia University.  Especially keep us seniors in mind as we compete in our last few matches as college athletes. 

Congratulations to the men's soccer team on a great weekend as well.  The Gents beat McMurry 3-1 and tied Hardin-Simmons 0-0. 

Check out footage from the McMurry game below.

Until next time...

-Candace Rushing