Blog: Full Court Press w/ Coach K
Monday, October 24, 2011
Hi Centenary supporters. We've completed our first full week of practice. This past week was busy for the players. We added different schemes on defense and a variety of options within our offense. At times it seemed like our freshmen were in information over load, but with our exhibition against Southeastern right around the corner we've got to pick-up things quickly.

Tuesday is our off day for the time being. The players are completely off from practice, weights, and individual shooting. I have a feeling that on their off day, they take advantage of extra nap time instead of extra studying time. As long as their grades don't suffer, they won't hear me or Coach Huckabay complain.

You would think that after a nice, relaxing off day that we would have a great practice on Wednesday. Wednesday's practice for us was anything but great. I've mentioned numerous times that we have to be focused everyday at practice. Wednesday we were all over the place. The players faces after practice showed that they we not happy at all with what they did or didn't do with the practice time. Thankfully, Thursday we bounced back and had a much better practice and got things accomplished as a team.

Friday through Sunday we continued to practice well. We started to mix up players during scrimmages and drills to find out what combinations work well and who can step up and get the job done defensively.

I'm really excited about how our team is forming. Our team chemistry is great and everyone is really motivated to make this a great season. There is a different energy and enthusiasm with this team than others in the past. I can't wait until games get going, especially as we continue and grow even more.

I hope you enjoy the quote this week.

"The glory of sport is witnessing a team perform as a single unit striving for a common goal and ultimately bringing distinction to the jersey the players represent." -Dick Vitale

-Coach Kristen Davis