Gym Talk: Meg Crowley
Sunday, October 30, 2011
Hey everyone! My name is Meg and I am a junior this year. This week was about us coming together as a team and figuring out what we need to do to attain our goal: Day 2 Nationals! Over Fall Break we had an assignment to write a purpose statement and they were due the first practice back. Writing the purpose statement really helped us all to get motivated, and we posted them in a place where we would see them everyday and remember why we are working so sedulously in the gym!

Saturday night practice was one of the best practices we've had all year. Noel flipped for the first time ever a yurchenko and it was HUGE! Jessica got a new dismount off beam, Amanda and Sylvia are both coming back from injuries stronger than they were before and everyone was working hard and making improvements. I love being able to see all of our hard work pay off when we have practices like this in the gym!

Sunday we had a team meeting before practice. It really helped us all come together as team and get motivated because we are only as strong as our weakest link. Coach Jackie had us play this crazy game where we were all blindfolded holding a part of a rope in a circle. First we had to make the circle into a square, which is a lot more difficult than it seems. We figured it out though, and after assessed how we could work better as a team for our next challenge; which was to spell out Ladies (check out the pictures to see how well we did!). This game really helped us figure out how to communicate effectively, work together as a team, and learn who the verbal leaders are on our team. 

After our team meeting we had an hour of open gym time and again everyone was making strides on their new skills and showing consistency with there old skills. All these improvements get me excited for season! Especially since we will be starting full sets on October 30th, which is only a week away, and our first intra-squad is only 3 weeks away!  We also had another fitness test today. It was great to see how much stronger everyone has become since we first tested in September!

This week was really great and I know everyone on the team is motivated for next week to keep on making improvements and work toward our ultimate goal! You'll be able to see our progress and any other crazy things we might be up to this week on our new Facebook page; Centenary Gymnastics. We'll be posting videos periodically throughout the week especially of the featured gymnast of the week Amanda! So keep an eye out for those and tune in next week for Stephanie's gym talk!