Blog: Full Court Press w/ Coach K
Monday, October 31, 2011
Hi everyone. I hope you all have had a great week. We had another week of reviewing our offense and adding a few things to our defense. Overall, we had a productive week of practice. Wednesday, we finally filmed the scrimmage part of our practice. It was time for the players to see themselves doing all the things that have been aggravating me as well as the good things we are doing as a team.

On Saturdays we normally have 2 practices, but this Saturday we decided on one three hour practice that contained a lot of shooting and break down drills. We started at 9:00am and the players definitely started off practice asleep. But Coach Huckabay and I had no problem at all waking them up. Once the wake-up call happened, we had a pretty good practice from that point on.

Sunday, our upperclassman handled shooting drills and basic drills during the first part of practice while Coach Huckabay and I had individual meetings with each player about their performance up to this point and what expectations we have for them moving forward. After meetings, we did a little transition at practice and then it was off to the locker room for a film session of Wednesday's team scrimmage. Film is a great way for me as a coach to review the mistakes we have been harping on over and over again at practice. When I pressed pause on some mistakes, you can't make an excuse if you didn't box out, closeout the correct way, or completely run the offense incorrectly. On the positive side, it is also a great way to emphasize all the things we're doing right and why the right way works.

We'll have one more practice today and then Tuesday is our off day. Some of our practice times this upcoming week will be a little crazy due to the set-up for Homecoming. But with a scrimmage on Sunday, we can't let that distract us from continuing to improve. Finally, in my next blog, I'll be able to tell you about us facing an opponent instead of just how we're doing in practice.

Hope you enjoy the quote this week!

"A single day is enough to make us a little larger or, another time, a little smaller."
- Paul Klee