Gym Talk: Stephanie Wright
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Hello Gym Talk Fans!!

This is Senior Stephanie writing to you again! Last week you heard from Meg, and she filled you in on our purpose statements and our team meeting which really motivated us! We can always count on Coach Jackie for a fun surprise like the blind fold game! This past week everyone worked really hard and we had some really good practices!

This year have made team landmarks for our practices, which are our team goals we think will make us the most prepared we could be for season! And Sunday was a landmark day for doing FULL ROUTINES!!! This was probably one of our biggest landmarks because the first time in pre-season you throw a full set is usually the most nerve wrecking. (It is for me at least!)

Leading up to Sunday we had really been working hard on making our ½ sets PERFECT! and working on connecting skills with dance. These are great baby steps to lead up to doing full routines. It is also a really fun time in the gym because I feel like I see something new everyday!! Our floor and beam routines are looking amazing and from what I have seen, Ladies and Gents you are in for a TREAT this season! Between some crazy beam mounts, to really nice rhythm combinations, our beam is looking stronger and stronger every day! And our Junior Meg, who you heard from last week, along with some of our new freshmen this year have some really fun and funky music!! Ooh I can't wait until we are in meet season!

This weekend's Saturday practice was one of the best we have had yet! Jackie threw in another unexpected surprise and gave the freshmen all an incentive for going out of their comfort zones, which in the end would help them out. They would get a team bag! Throughout Saturday and Sunday's practice all of the freshmen earned their bags. I want to take the time right now to shout out to my girl Noel, or "Noweezy" as we like to call her.  : )  She went completely out of our comfort zone and learned a completely new bar combination and rocked it out! We were all so excited! The talent on this team amazes me every day!

Our Sunday practice this week started out with a quick costume contest (in honor of Halloween of course!) First of all let me say we have a crazy funny team! Our costumes ranged from referee's, to Santa, to 70's workout girls, to some blind mice, and Thing 1 and Thing 2. We then proceeded to have a runway contest (which Coach Jackie filmed) to determine the winner of the contest. The winner however won a pretty sweet prize! They would get to choose our conditioning for this next Sundays practice and wouldn't have to do it. And the winners were.... The 3 blind mice!! Wohoo! Can't wait to see what we have in store for conditioning!

After our exciting beginning to practice, we then had a Landmark day, and we Rocked Out!! This was the first practice we were able to throw full routines and there was such an exciting vibe coming from every girl! You could see the determination on everyone's faces that they were going to make it through and make it a GREAT routine! Oh I love my team so much!

We are going to continue to work hard on perfecting these routines for the next few weeks before season starts! It's going to be a great one! Wait until next week's Gym Talk to see how well our practices have been!!