Gym Talk: Amanda Holt
Friday, December 2, 2011
Hey Everybody!! It's me again!! Here to tell you all about our thanksgiving break! We had practice Saturday morning; the kick off to our Thanksgiving break and it was an awesome practice! We are really starting to look good and consistent! At 9:01 we were out the door and heading home to see our families! It was crazy to think that we actually have a home outside of Centenary and that we all come from all over the Country!! From Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, Michigan! We're such a diverse team but in the end we're just one big happy family. As we were allowed to go home and have a break from school that didn't mean we could take a break from gym, we all had to keep training to make sure we could come back from break in the same or better condition than when we left!

We had to be back in Shreveport from break Sunday by 11:30 am, so some of the gymnasts came back early Saturday to ensure they were here on time.  Let me tell you; for many of us Saturday was not a good day to travel!  However we all made it back sooner or later and safely, in the end that is all that matters!

We had a two-a-day practice Sunday and it was sooooo much fun!! It was awesome to see the team again and see everybody doing gymnastics again! Lauren Cullen earlier this season had broken her foot and we finally got to see her tumble and that was just a joyful moment!  We also put our tumbling passes out on the real floor, which was no big deal since we were all hitting our passes consistently for the past month, man it was just an eventful practice!

Not to mention we had our first annual Gobble wobble palooza. Upper classman (juniors and seniors) vs. Under classman (sophomores and freshman) and oddly, without conversing about it, both teams did a dance to the song "wobble"! Although I must say the upper classman's performance was a lot more entertaining, not being bias or anything! We also started our Christmas early and Coach Jackie had a whole bunch of gifts for us!! We got new workout clothes for Saturday and Sunday practices, Sunday practice we get to be the "flying zebras" because our shorts are zebra print! That was super fun and made practice that much more entertaining. We also got team jackets that are super warm and comfy and I'm almost positive the team will not take them off! Thank you Coach Jackie!!

I am so thankful for my team, my school and my coach and of course our wonderful fans!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!! And stay tuned for more updates about your wonderful ladies!!


Amanda Holt