Gym Talk: Jessica Lieblich
Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Hey Everyone! This is Jessica Lieblich here to talk to you all about the awesome things the Centenary Ladies are doing these days! Well for the past two weeks, all of us ladies traveled home to see our families for the Holidays. We are from all over the United States, so some of us flew home while others drove for hours to make it back home. Coach Jackie laid out our practice schedule for the break and then allowed us to make up our own workout. She then checked it and made corrections where necessary. She told us to really push ourselves in the gym so that we would be ready to compete when we returned in two weeks. So even though this break was a great time to relax from school work and see family it was definitely time to take our gymnastics to new levels. We all continued to work on routines and add more numbers of skills in our workouts. This break was an awesome opportunity to really focus on our gymnastics by not having outside factors to stress us out.

It was also great to be able to celebrate Christmas with our families and to remember all the blessings each of us have in our lives. Being able to relax reminded us to take a moment to be thankful for all we are given such as the opportunity to represent Centenary College by competing gymnastics. I definitely realized how blessed I am to have such awesome teammates that are like a family to me.

On Saturday, eleven of us make our way back to Shreveport to prepare for our first meet in Michigan! We were all super excited to see each other again and were even more excited to get in the gym to prepare for our first meet!  But first we had a cool team New Year's party to go to at Coach Jackie's house (aka her Love shack). We had a blast hanging out, making pizzas, and watching the New Year's party at Times Square. The excitement really happened when 11 o'clock rolled around (new years in New York)! We were all given sparkling cider and silly string and we all said cheers and sprayed the silly string everywhere!!! It was really fun but it made quite a mess.

We are definitely working hard and striving to succeed but also having the time of our lives! We are on our way to Michigan in 3 days and we are ready to rock their house!