Blog: Full Court Press w/ Coach K
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Hi everyone. We have had an up and down week in our women's basketball program.  This week we've had two home games already and we also have one yesterday against ETBU.  Thursday, we faced off against Mississippi College.  We started off the game well.  We were very much sticking to our game plan and executing well on both offense and defense.  Then with about 5 minutes left to go in the first half we started to relax too much and we started to become sloppy on offense.  We blew the lead we had and went into halftime tied at 36.  We wanted to come out the second half with the same enthusiasm we had to start the game, but we came out the same way we ended the first half.  Our second half of the MC game was the worst half of basketball I've seen us play all year.  I can understand our frustration on offense because we weren't connecting on shots we would normally make, but I cannot understand are lack of effort on the defensive end.  We have learned time and time again that are defense will transition into our offense.  We were so worried about our baskets not going in that we didn't pay much attention to MC's baskets going in.  As you can imagine, that was quite a big problem.

Friday, we had to turn our attention to our Saturday game against Louisiana College.  We focused a lot of our attention on our own defense.  I even got dressed in full practice gear and jumped in some half court five on five with the team.  I thought the girls were moving much better and crashed the boards with a much more aggressive attitude. I guess no one wanted to be the one that got beat by coach.  I have to admit, I did knock down a couple nice shots.

Saturday's game against LC was a track meet. LC plays an extremely aggressive style of full court defense.  No other team in our conference plays anything like it.  The first half we made too many goofy mistakes out of panic and frustration.  However, we did learn that once we got the ball in a half court set we were able to play our game and score.  We found ourselves down by 20 at the half.  Instead of hanging our heads and giving up, we came out the second half with a determination that I haven't seem all year.  We fought every second of every offensive and defensive possession.  Coach Huckabay and I couldn't have been more proud of the play and effort that our players displayed.  If you only look at the second half box score it was LC 43 and Centenary 40.  Though we couldn't overcome our mistakes from the first half, I feel we grew as a team and realized just how much we can fight and push ourselves. 

Sunday, we came back to the Gold Dome for some shooting and some of the players decided to jump in an ice bath.  That was too funny.  I think it took Vashni about 20 minutes to actually get in the water.

Monday we took on the Tigers of ETBU.  This was our second time playing them so we knew we had to make a few adjustments from the last time out.  The first half, we were having trouble finding our rhythm offensively.  We made a few good plays here and there, but we were not playing consistent. We were down by 1 at halftime and not happy with our performance.

Thank goodness the second half was a much different story.  We started to push the ball more and got ETBU to turn the ball over more which added to our momentum. We ended the game with a 61 - 77 victory and 5 players scored in double-figures.  It was a team effort and I'm proud of how the girls fought back and took control in the second half to earn the win.

Next up, we travel to LeTourneau on Thursday and we're at UT-Tyler on Saturday.

Enjoy the quote for the week.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."  - Martin Luther King, Jr.