Gym Talk: Tawnee Hadd
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Hello!  I am Tawnee Hadd, a sophomore on the amazing Centenary Gymnastics Team.  This week was another wonderful week in the gym for the Centenary Ladies. It was our first week back to school after Christmas break so there was a lot of stress and nervousness, but the Ladies still managed to have a fantastic week in the gym!

 We concentrated on details and upgrades to improve our score from our last meet.  We all were determined and excited to get a week off to rest and make some good strides towards a better team score. Our Vault shakers did some wonderful vaults this week. We had a lot of twisters and some great improvements. Floor Roars were concentrating on their Lady P and huge college finishes!! Bar Stars were working on cleaning up their routines and making every detail perfect!! And lastly, the Beam Queens were hitting some amazing routines and working on their MC (Mental Choreography). We also did some team assignments to improve on handling pressure and concentration. This helped each Lady figure out their weaknesses so they could overcome them and so we could better help each other as a team, get through them. Making and fixing these tiny details will help not only our confidence but our performance in Denton at our quad meet at Texas Women's University this Saturday at 7 pm!

Not only did we work on improving our gymnastics throughout the week but we showed some great leadership! We had one practice where we started out slow and just weren't acting ourselves and it was showing through our gymnastics, but then Coach Jackie pulled us together and told us to talk it out. The captains helped every Lady express how they felt or what they needed to accomplish during the rest of the work-out. After doing this everyone knew what they needed, we adjusted our practice and we turned the practice around. Actually, it turned out to be one of the best practices we have had!! Yay! Ladies!! J It was a good lesson in how we can take a not so good situation and turn it around!

Thank you so much for following along and being a fan of the Centenary Gymnastics Team!! Stay tuned next week for more updates!! 

Love, Tawnee!