Gymnastics Names Captains for 2012 Season
Thursday, January 19, 2012
SHREVEPORT-Head gymnastics coach Jackie Fain recently named the captains for the Ladies' 2012 season as seniors Lauren Carlton, Melody Smith, and Stephanie Wright received the nod as Tri-Captains.

"We have chosen the three seniors as our tri-captains this year. These three young Ladies have emerged as strong leaders for this team and have done an amazing job of bonding them into a cohesive group," said Fain. "They especially stepped up at the beginning of the year during the coaching transition and kept the team together and on track with their training. Each one has a very unique personality and their leadership styles complement each other."

Lauren Carlton, a 5'1" senior out of Franklin, Tennessee and Independence High School, competed in club gymnastics at Let It Shine Gymnastics.

"Lauren is the sunshine on this team! She is always smiling, always has a great attitude and is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is a servant leader; she stands with her teammates and will do anything for them," said Fain.

Melody Smith, a 5'3" senior out of Bartlett, Tennessee and Arlington, High School, competed in club gymnastics at Memphis Point Gymnastics Academy.

"Melody is a very passionate and dedicated leader. She cares very much for this team and she definitely leads by example; her work ethic is unmatchable," said Fain.

Stephanie Wright, a 5'4" senior out of Roswell, Georgia and Centennial High School, competed in club gymnastics for Roswell Gymnastics.

"Stephanie is the go-to girl! She is so sweet and empathetic, everyone feels comfortable with her and she is always willing to lend a compassionate ear. But she is also an inspiration for the rest of her team. She is competing with a major injury this year because she does not want to miss her senior year of competition; her teammates look to her and realize her level of commitment and it helps motivate them," said Fain.

This senior group are some of the most committed and motivated athletes I have ever had the privilege to coach," said Fain.

Centenary will return to action this Saturday when they travel to Denton, Texas to compete in TWU's Quad Meet featuring TWU, Utah State, and Oklahoma.