Gym Talk: Robyn Price
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Hey Centenary gymnastics fans!!  This is Robyn Price, a sophomore, from Marion, Arkansas.  You last heard from my fellow teammate/suitemate Tawnee Hadd who talked about our team working on details and upgrades in the gym last week.  This week we are still getting back in the swing of things with classes and the new semester.  After starting our competition season two weekends ago I can really tell the determination and fire everyone has in the gym.  We are pushing each other through each and every routine mentally and physically.  At the beginning of this week we were training hard to keep our cardio up for floor.  We have been working small details on bars and beam and we have been working upgrades on vault!  We are trying to get more 10.0 start values on vault which means we need to start twisting!  Be looking for this soon.

We had a fun adventure this week as a team.  Here at Centenary we love to go and support all the other athletic teams too.  We have been cheering our basketball team on the last couple weeks through their winning streak.  The majority of our team made a road trip to Longview, TX to watch them win their 6th game in a row! Go Gents!

Unfortunately, there has been an illness going through our team this past week.  So we have been taking our vitamins all week trying to stay healthy.  Our AMAZING coach took this into consideration and she let us get a few extra hours of sleep instead of going to 6:45a.m. conditioning on Thursday morning.   She said it was important for us to overcome our illnesses and to rest our bodies for the meet this weekend. 

We also got the day off on Friday to catch up on homework and prepare for the meet weekend in Denton, TX  against Texas Women's University, Utah State, and the University of Oklahoma.  We departed from Shreveport on Saturday morning and drove to Plano, TX to eat lunch at our very own Lissa Naylor's house!  Her parents were so generous to open up their beautiful home to us to eat lunch and to get ready for our meet.  Thanks to Bill and Linda Naylor!!!  After we left the Naylor's we headed to Pioneer Hall for the competition.  The whole team got to travel to this meet so it was the first time we were together as a WHOLE team competing.  We also had a very special guest travel with us, Dr. Broussard, the Athletic Director.  He helped drive our team there and back!  It was his first time to see the Ladies live in action.  I am sure it was an experience for him to travel with a big group of girls for the whole weekend!  We greatly appreciate his support.

 This meet was so much FUN!  There was a record setting crowd in the stands at TWU.  There was a constant cheer for 2 solid hours!  Every time a gymnast dismounted or ended their routine there was a huge uproar!  It was such a fun environment to compete in with 4 great college gymnastics teams.  We ended up with a 191.4 as a team score.  This is our season high, and it is a great step in the right direction!  We improved 4 whole points since our last meet.  Many of my teammates, including myself, had career high scores!!!  Not to mention we did all of this in BRAND NEW LEO'S!!!!  This meet was a great experience for our freshmen to get a feel of what college gymnastics is all about.  Thank you to all of the fans and alumni that came to watch us this weekend.  It is the best feeling when we look up into the stands and see our fans right beside us cheering us on!  Ya'll are the best!

Stay tuned for next week's gym talk as we travel to Denver, Co to take on Denver and Air Force!  As for me, I am going to hit the gym with my teammates... Hope you enjoyed!  Go LADIES!!