Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey Centenary Ladies gymnastics fans! This is freshman Lissa Naylor coming to you from the science building, taking a little study break!


This week was our first week back in school from Mardi Gras break and as fun as Mardi Gras was, it was nice for us all to get back on schedule! Midterms are coming up and this week we were focusing on good grades in the classroom and consistency in the gym!


We are also focusing on keeping the fun in the gym, and enjoying the sport we love! Like Sylvia said last week, Coach Jackie is giving us silly little goals to complete every day in the gym that make practice even more fun, such as spinning like a tornado, doing the twist, jumping for joy, telling people how much they mean to you, and dancing with a teammate.


Speaking of tornados, we have been talking about tornados in our TEN time before practice lately, and how they are UNEXPECTED and POWERFUL, just like the Centenary Ladies!


We had this weekend off of competition, so Coach Jackie gave us a few days away from the gym for some much needed time off to rest and relax!  It gave our bodies an opportunity to refresh and get ready for the end of our season. It also gave us time to have some fun over the weekend and enjoy the gorgeous weather here in Shreveport!  Come Sunday’s practice we were so ready to get back in the gym and continue our hard work!


The ladies keep working hard in the gym and we are excited about our next two home meets in the Gold Dome! One is this coming Saturday, March 10 against Illinois State and UIC at 6 p.m.! This is our Alumni Night and it is going to be a blast. We have some absolutely AMAZING alumni that are so supportive at every meet and we definitely want to thank them for everything they do! We love the Centenary Gymnastics Alumni!


The last home meet will be Saturday, March 17, against Kentucky at 6 p.m.! This is our Senior Night and the last time our seniors will ever compete in “The Dome.” We love our seniors Melody Smith, Lauren Carlton and Stephanie Wright! They are such great leaders for this team and we can’t wait to show how much we appreciate them!


Be looking forward to these amazing two nights at the gold dome! I know the Centenary Ladies are excited! The Ladies are continuing to improve every week and are overcoming every obstacle put in their way! Thank you for supporting your Centenary Ladies!