Gym Talk: Jessica Lieblich
Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello Centenary fans! This is Jessica again to talk to you all about the amazing week we had! We started the week off strong, so we could get ready for our conference championships. We were all pumped and motivated to be at our best since this was our last opportunity to bring our fierce tornado to a meet before nationals! We started the week off strong, working routines and building our confidence. We knew the scores were very close, so we had to push ourselves in order to make sure we secured our spot for nationals!

After an awesome week of hard work and determination, the Ladies left for conference in Chicago. We left on Thursday in order to practice and attend the conference banquet on Friday before the competition. The ladies were excited and ready to bring a tornado to the windy city! But before we could make our flight to Chicago, we had to travel to Dallas. Coach Jackie decided to take our biology bus to Dallas and then we would spend the night at Jackie’s second house (the mansion) there. The trip was going well until we ran into road construction and missed the exit to the house. Soon, we were lost! I’m pretty sure we saw all of Dallas. So just in case my teammates hadn’t seen this awesome city, they had now! Anyway, it took us a little while, but eventually, we made it to the house. It only took us an extra hour! But everything is an adventure with this team and we made it a fun experience!

Early the next morning, we took a flight to Chicago. We made it safe and sound, and everything went as planned. We had a great practice and a very delicious dinner with all the teams. The next day, we were ready to perform at our best! The tornado was coming and nothing was going to stand in its way! Also it was a very exciting day because it was my 21st birthday! So I was super pumped to able to compete on such an exciting day! The night started off strong as we took the floor. We all did very well. There was great energy in the arena, and we were all competing like champions. We continued to do well as we made our way to vault. Everyone had so much power and strength! On bars, we brought a lot of focus and confidence. We concentrated on the details, and thought about all of our handstands! On beam, we brought calmness and confidence as we went up there to compete. We ended the meet strong. And soon, we found out that we had done enough to make it nationals!!!

This past week was so much fun and great time to bond as a team. Every meet we learn more about ourselves and our teammates. Since we have two weeks before nationals, this week we are taking the time for some extra conditioning to prepare us for the possibility of competing 2 or 3 days in a row and we are focusing on the small details of our gymnastics, so we can get those high scores. We are eager to compete at nationals and show everyone and ourselves what a great team we are!