Gym Talk: Sophomores
Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello Ladies Fans,

Coming to you from Bridgeport, Conn., here is your Nationals update from the Centenary sophomores. We woke up to day one with a special surprise from our amazing coach! Each of our doors was covered with good-luck decorations and a bunch of our gymnastics “words of the week.” Our team was definitely motivated to have VIM and VIGOR. We now know what it means to be PHLEGMATIC and APLOMB and show the Northeast that we are LOLLAPALOOZAS. Of course, we had a breakfast of champions at the Springhill Inn and Suites, and then we helped each other get prepared for the meet- or Glitterfied! Because we were in the first session, we had an earlier start to the meet than normal, but we were energetic and determined come warm-up time. We had a fantastic rotation order: bars, beam, floor, vault. And we used that to our advantage. Warm-up was flawless!

Our time together in the locker room is always fun! Our pump-up music and crazy dancing followed with a beautiful prayer by junior Jessica (Lieblich) and some lovely additions from Coach Jackie. Before marching out on the competition floor, we all felt prepared and ready to compete how we practiced. The Ladies love to channel all of our nervous or excited energy into our pre-meet cheers! GO LADIES! Started off with the Bar Stars... We had one mistake and scores were lower than normal, but we kept our heads high and had each other’s backs. As a team, we stayed strong and moved on to the Beam Queens. The Ladies used their M/C (mental choreography) and showed their aplomb attitudes and willingness to fight for the team. After getting through those two nerve-racking events, we were ready to have a party on floor and vault. We brought the power and performance on floor. Although we had to count one fall, we had some well deserved high scores, and we rotated to vault with determination to finish the meet strong. After a great final rotation, our team score- 190.75- fell just short of making it to Day 2 of Nationals. Although, we didn’t quite reach the goal we set at the beginning of the year, we were all satisfied and proud of the season we had.

Centenary did however have one all-arounder place ninth in the rankings- Robyn Price. Also, Ciara Maradiaga qualified to individual event finals on beam. She will represent Centenary in Saturday's competition. Great job fellow sophomores! The junior class represented as well with Meg Crowley and Amanda Holt both being named alternates for Saturday’s finals on floor and vault, respectively.

Sadly, this was the seniors’ last meet. We will hate to see them go, and we will miss them very much, but as Dr. sues says, “don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”

We would like to make a few shout-outs to our wonderful Centenary supporters who do so much for us:

All of the parents who have helped and contributed in so many ways this year!

Mrs. Naylor- those shirts are ADORABLE! And thank you for the great lunches, goody bags, and all of your love and support.

Mr. Martinez- All of the gorgeous photos!!!!

All of the moms who have helped with the locker rooms… and Marisa.

Mrs. Hadd for your marvelous cosmetology skills. You make us look beautiful!


Coach Jackie – We can’t express how grateful we are for EVERYTIHNG you do. You are a fantastic coach and have loved us pound puppies as your own. Thank you and we love you!!

“Talk” to you next year!

Love, your sophies (Ciara, Tawnee, Robyn and Christine)