Gym Talk with the co-captains
Friday, September 7, 2012

Hey Centenary Lady Fans! It’s Meg and Robyn. We were honored by being voted as the new co-captains for the Ladies this year! We are both so excited and humbled to be leading this group of incredible Ladies, and can’t wait to see what the season brings.  We have high expectations for this year and we’re ready to work hard to reach them!

We’re starting off a new year, and we’re already super busy! The first Tuesday back at school we all attended the President’s Convocation. Convocation is a really cool tradition at Centenary as all of the seniors from the College line up outside the chapel and high five and cheer the new freshman class as they march into the chapel together as a class for the first time.  It is a team tradition to get dressed up for the convocation and take our first team picture for the year.  

We have seven new freshmen this year! We’re so excited for them to join the team! The juniors and sophomores planned a scavenger hunt for the freshmen to find out who their big sisters are. The scavenger hunt led them to a pair of socks that matched with their big sisters. They were so excited to finally find out who their big sisters were! The big sister – little sister bond on our team is a really great tradition that continues to grow our “sister” families every year. The alumni now have lots of new “baby” sisters to look after too!

On the first Saturday back Amanda and Christy threw one of our alumni, Melody, a baby shower. The whole team came to celebrate. We’re all looking forward to meeting the new addition to the Centenary gymnastics family.

We had our first gymnastics class on Sunday. Coach Jackie had us doing basics to get back in the swing of things. It was nice to be back in the gym with our team! Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early to start voluntary conditioning workouts. Along with voluntary conditioning we had voluntary workouts at the gym on Wednesday and Thursday.  We had some lollapaloozas in the gym! Robyn and Christy both caught five jaegers in a row, Sylvia was the first to put her series on high beam, and a bunch our freshmen did doubles onto the resi on floor. This all happened on the first day! These Ladies are going to be fit and ready for this year!

Saturday morning the team woke up early to help Jill’s Gymnastics do some renovations to the gym. We had a contest to see who could throw the foam out of the pit the fastest. It was nice to give back to Jill’s since they are always so supportive of our program. That afternoon we had our first recruit come to visit. We took her to a team dinner at Shane’s to experience some Cajun cooking. She came to our class on Sunday, so she could see how we train. We really hope she enjoyed her visit here to Centenary and got a feel for what is it like to be a Lady gymnast.  It’s always fun meeting potential future ladies.

Thanks for reading the first gym talk from Ladies of the 2013 team. Stay tuned for the next weeks and like Centenary gymnastics on Facebook to check out the photos of what we’ve been up to since school started!

Thanks again,

Meg and Robyn