Gym Talk with Amanda Holt
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey Everybody!!! It’s Amanda here, super excited to tell you about our second week of all the fun activities we have done!! If you didn’t know this is my SENIOR YEAR, and I have an awesome team. I couldn’t have asked for better! This past week school started to feel like school, and people had a lot of homework. Some of our freshmen went through their first college tests, along with the rest of the team. We had our first study hall session this past week and we got our study on because our goal is to get a 3.2 GPA as a team! I think we can do it! =]

During our open gyms we have been rocking it out! Christy Martinez has been bringing out her bar star, catching every single one of her release moves, not to mention her killer vault! Kelli Slater, a freshman, showed off her power with an awesome layout onto a resi on vault!! She’s going to be a vault shaker!! Another freshman, Megan Desjardins, showed off her floor routine to us this week and WOW!! Nobody could keep their eyes off of her!!!!  Sylvia Kieter has been working some awesome Tkatchev’s too!! And this Sunday we decided to do theme day and rocked out our neon colors!! It was crazy to see what everybody came up with!!

This weekend was also our Alumni’s, Mrs. Marisa Isle, wedding on Saturday! She got engaged last year at the Gold Dome out on the floor mat at our alumni meet!  All of her past teammates came into town, and the seniors, juniors and sophomores of this year’s team were there too! It was an awesome experience to see our present and past team all come together and celebrate such a great wedding!! Almost our whole team was there from our current team and the team I had when I was a freshman! It was incredible to see everybody.  We all got in the middle of the dance floor and did our “Everywhere we Go” cheer and it was such a surreal moment I will never forget! It was something where your body just tingled with joy and happiness that a team like ours will always be connected, even after we are done competing.

This Sunday our captains had us pick names for secret psych partners!! We will be secretly encouraging our partner and doing little things for them, at the end of two weeks we will reveal who our partner is! This week is going to be jammed pack with little hidden secrets! Come back next week and hear all about it!!

Love you all,

Amanda (Mu)