Gym Talk with Jessica Lieblich
Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello Centenary fans and family! I’m Jessica, a senior this year, and I am super excited to talk about the news and events that have been happening on our team. I really can’t believe this is my senior year. It feels like yesterday I was experiencing my first college gymnastics meet and now I have only one year left! But I am really looking forward to the remarkable goals that this team will accomplish this year. I couldn’t ask for a better team to share my last year with!

This week started out great. Sunday, we had our first landmark day, so we all came in pumped to begin striving to reach our new landmark goals. A couple of my teammates made some great accomplishments that I would love to share with you all. Amanda began to do gymnastics again! She had major knee surgery and recovery is a long process, so we are all excited that she can begin to start working her skills again. Sylvia also caught some Tkatchev’s on the pit bar and others continue to catch D release moves! Overall, everyone has been working hard and pushing themselves incredibly well in the gym. We all have been making great leaps in the gym and it is exciting to see all of my teammates make significant improvements in such a short amount of time. On Thursday, the captains had a team meeting after our volunteer conditioning to talk about the improvements that can be made in and out of the gym. We were all able to get on the same page and become an even greater family.

This Sunday was a pretty big day for our team. We revealed our secret psych partners and painted up for the soccer game. About two weeks ago, each of us drew a psych partner out of a hat. We then would leave inspirational quotes and little gifts for them throughout the two weeks. It was fun to try to find ways to give them these quotes and gifts without being noticed. Also it was awesome to be able to inspire our teammates and help them stay motivated throughout their week. We met at Amanda and Christy’s house to paint up and reveal who our secret psych partners were. Each of us took turns guessing our partners until everyone had guessed correctly. It seemed like everyone was quite secretive because a lot of us had a hard time guessing correctly. Each person gave their secret psych partners a small gift and an inspiring quote or card.

After the reveal, we headed to the soccer game to support our brother team. It was great to show our support and have fun with our team and fellow Centenary classmates. It was bright and sunny outside, so it was great day to paint up and cheer for the soccer team. The game was intense and entertaining to watch and even though the Gents didn’t win, they put forth their all.

This week, we also turned in our personal workout plans for fall break. As an assignment for our activities class, Coach Jackie had each of us ascertain our fitness level and where we need to improve and then we used this information to make a plan for the workouts we are going to do at our gyms when we go home. This is great way to stay motivated and persevere when we are working out on our own. We took into account our personal goals and what we need to do to be ready for our first day of official practice later in October. We are striving to accomplish great things this year and this personal workout plan will definitely help us reach those goals.

We are continuing to strive to reach our goals in and out of the gym and this week definitely proved that we are unstoppable! This year is going to consist of some awesome achievements with the way we have been working in the gym. We only need to keep up the hard work and continue believe in our dreams.