Gym Talk with Lissa Naylor
Friday, November 16, 2012

Hey Centenary Gymnastics fans! This is sophomore, Lissa Naylor, bringing you our latest gym talk! This week was an exciting week for the Ladies while we worked hard in the gym! Like Robyn mentioned last week, everyone has their new floor routines and they look GREAT! Everybody is getting more comfortable with their dance and they are really looking awesome!

This past Thursday, Natalie Humbert, who was on our team last year, came to visit! It was really great to see her again! She even helped get us pumped at our early morning Friday practice by cheering us on, and throwing some big skills on beam that she hasn’t done in a while. We definitely miss her in the gym!

On Friday night, we had a team dinner and meeting! The dinner was for senior Christy, aka Chimichanga for doing some great stuff in the gym! After the dinner, Coach Jackie had the upperclassmen pick cards with different roles on them (lazy, busy bee, positive, bossy, negative, etc). They had to act like the role they picked while trying to make a tower with pasta and marshmallows. It was pretty funny to watch them try to build it when they weren’t working together at all, especially with Christy lying on the floor being the lazy one! This really helped us see how the different roles on a team can affect our team dynamic positively and negatively.

Next, we talked about the 5 core values we want to represent our team. We decided these values would represent us being “Lady” Lights in Life. The values we chose are INTEGRITY, CONFIDENCE, COMPASSIONATE, COMMITTMENT, ACCOUNTABILITY. These are the words we will strive for our team to represent in our daily lives and with our teammates.

We had a recruit come to visit on Saturday and after she arrived, we had dinner with Natalie and our recruit. It was a fun night to spend relaxing with each other!

Sunday was our first full intra-squad! Everyone did great, and it was helpful to see where we are, what was good, and where we need to improve. A HUGE thing this year is we already have EIGHT twisting vaults! That’s EIGHT 10.0 start values!! We are very excited about the hard work we have been doing!

This week will be full of tests and big assignments in school, as we get ready for Thanksgiving break next week! We will also be working on achieving all of our “before Thanksgiving” team goals in the gym! I hope you enjoyed hearing about how your Ladies are doing! Tune in next week for another gym talk!