Gym Talk with Sylvia Keiter
Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello Centenary Ladies fans! This is Sylvia coming to you live from the fabulous Cline dorms! I am a sophomore this year and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this season!

As this season approaches us we are becoming stronger, faster, and more powerful with every day we spend training in and out of the gym. Before we took off for Thanksgiving break, we had Saturday morning practice and it was full of goals waiting to be achieved! Some were team goals and others were personal goals. As a team we had to make 5 series in a row on beam, 50 hit handstands on bars, 5 in a row mount through to caught release moves on bars and 50 smiles throughout floor routines on floor just to name a few. Coach Jackie also gave us some individual “super challenges” to accomplish as well.  One of the fantastic four seniors, Jessica Lieblich, made a double layout dismount for the first time on the competition bars!! Myself and Rachael Satterthwaite did some awesome double backs on the floor and Noel Stubbs did a giant full for the first time by herself! It was a great way to start the break.

While everyone was back at home with their families we went to our club gyms and trained during the week. We each had to make a plan for our work-outs before we left, both for in the gym and for our cardio/strength work-outs.  Having our work planned ahead of time helped us to set goals for ourselves and to keep us motivated to work hard while we were away from our team.  Before we left Coach Jackie let the upper classmen draw the lower classmen’s names to be accountability partners over the break.  After each practice we would contact our accountability partners and let each other know how it went. It was great to have a teammate to help keep us on track and to motivate and encourage us to continue to work towards our goals.

Sunday was our first practice together after the break and it was like we never skipped a beat! Everyone was working really hard to put routines together and perfect skills in those routines. We started the day off with a team tumble and then did full floor sets!  It was exciting to see people putting their passes on the hard floor in their routines.  And our new choreography is really starting to look awesome! We were getting work done on the other events too; even with a sprained thumb, freshman Casie Hood made giant fulls on bars with no spot! There were also many twisting vaults landed on this spectacular Sunday. Including freshman Kellie Slater’s HUGE layout half. After our first practice we went to take a dip in the ice bath and it was very refreshing! Nothing says team bonding quite like an ice-cold tub of water! We finished the second practice with some plyometric training and called it a night.

We have been working extremely hard so far and we don’t plan on stopping now. We have a judge’s intra-squad this Sunday and we are excited to put our best routines out on there to begin our season.  This is going to be the best season yet! Stay tuned for more exciting news from your Centenary Ladies!