Gym Talk: Freshmen Edition
Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey Centenary Gymnastics fans! This is your super seven freshman: Casie, Kellie, Megan, Rachael, Rachel, Ronni, and Stephanie! We’re almost finished with our first semester and time has just flown by!  So far this year has been a blast getting to know all of our new teammates! We love being all together and we are really becoming a family.

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to watch all of our routines from the intra-squad we had last Sunday. After watching we were really anxious to get back into the gym and fix our mistakes! This week we really dedicated our practices to hitting routines and consistency. The whole team is making so much progress as competition season arises. Also, we have been really focusing on cardio and leg conditioning, after every workout we have been doing the Insanity Workout videos, instructed by Sean T. and then on Friday we had additional conditioning in the Gold Dome weight room.

We can already tell all this hard work is going to pay off. This past week freshman, Ronni Bear, is back in action on floor after being out with a back injury, you go girl! Sophomore, Noel Stubbs got a new series on beam! Junior, Tawnee Hadd, put her front handspring double full on the floor! Senior, Meg Crowley, connected her new release combo for the first time on bars! The highlight of our inner squad was our senior, “Chimi”, who did a stand out bar routine!  Everyone else is continuing their progress and making improvements daily.

Friday was very busy, after our conditioning session we attended the Christmas Candlelight service at the Chapel as a team. The service was beautiful and really got us in the Christmas spirit! Especially, at the reception when we got a picture with Santa Claus!  

This Sunday we had a modified work out so we can get ready for finals week! We have to study hard and really work to achieve our team GPA!  Also, during the week we will have a few optional open gyms so we can come in, work on our main goals, but still remain focused on finals!

Not only is Christmas right around the corner, but so is competition season! We are really excited about our first meet in Knoxville, Tennessee on January 19th. To prepare for our meet we will be having our third intra-squad on Monday, January 7th at 6:30 in the Gold Dome. Make sure to come see us in action and support your Ladies Gymnastics Team!

Thanks for reading and be sure to tune in after break for Jessica’s Gym Talk!


Cas, Kell, Megz, Rach, Heather, RonRon, and Steph!