Gym Talk with Christy
Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello Centenary Gym Fans!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! Personally, 2013 will be a very exciting year for myself. My older brother will be getting married in May; I also graduate in May with a BS in business administration and finance with minors in accounting and economics; and my senior competition season of gymnastics starts!

We began our week celebrating the New Year together. We all traveled back to Shreveport on the 31st where Jackie hosted a New Year Eve’s party for us! It was great to see everyone after our Christmas break and we had lots to catch up on. We had snacks, made pizzas, played games, and watched the ball drop in New York as we toasted to the new year with sparkling cider. Also at our party we had our final part of secret Santa. Most of the girls had been very sneaky and many had a hard time guessing who their secret Santa was!

In the gym, your Lady gymnasts have been hard at work! This week was a great week where we were able to focus on our nutrition, rest, and gymnastics without having to worry about school. We started the New Year off right by going to practice! This first practice of the year was a two-a-day, which is where we practice, have a break, and then have a second practice. After most practices we would head to the training room for treatments and/or ice baths. On Thursday, after having worked long and hard at the beginning of the week we were pretty exhausted so Jackie gave us a challenge. She told us if we had great energy, positive attitudes, were really loud in the gym and really pushed ourselves through some very hard assignments, we could have our second practice of the day off! We achieved this goal and spent the rest of that day relaxing.

Since school is not in session and the cafeteria is closed during break, we have not only been spending lots of time together in the gym, but we have been eating all of our meals together too!  We have been going to Jackie’s house for lunch and dinner and taking turns on who is there to help her cook and clean for each meal.  It has been fun to spend so much time with our teammates, and it also has given us time to bond and get ready to pull together more as a team as our competition season gets underway.

On Friday we had a day off! We met at Jackie’s house where it was arts and crafts day! We made Shrinky-Dinks, made signs for our meet the team event on Monday, and painted the boards we use under the springboards on bars and beam. While we did all of this we watched the Florida vs. Ball State and then the Sac State, San Jose State, UC Davis and Stanford gymnastics meets, and cheered on some of our old club teammates as they opened their 2013 season.

Sunday was an extra special practice because we set up all the equipment in the Gold dome to practice before our meet the team event on Monday at 6:30(thanks to everyone who came out and helped us set up!). We have a new arrangement in the gym, so it took a little while to get all of the equipment placed just right, but now the Dome is ready for some action this year as we get ready to host both our Conference and our National Championships!  It felt so good to be out on competition floor again and to be able to work out all the little jitters before our first meet on January 19th.

We are ready to get in the Dome Monday night and show the campus what great gymnastics they are going to see from their Ladies this year in our last intra-squad before season starts.  It will be a great way for everyone to get some of the first meet butterflies out of the way and for the freshman to know what it feels like to compete in a team setting!

Stay tuned to hear about our meet the team and the next adventures of the Centenary Ladies!

Christy a.k.a. Chimi J