Gym talk with Amanda Holt
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey everybody!! It’s Amanda again with lots of things to tell you about the New Year!! So last Monday we had our awesome MEET THE TEAM INTRA-SQUAD and that was super fun! We split up into two teams; Jessica was the leader of the Ladies team, who got to wear our awesome “think pink leo’s” and I was the team leader for the Catahoula’s but in our hearts my team was the RETRO team! The intra- squad went really well, we did as Coach had expected us to do! And we had plenty of people to come support us even though the national championship college football game was on! So thank you to everybody that showed up! We really appreciate your support! And our Judges were not just ordinary judges! Our professors and staff were our judges and they were so amazing some of the judges filmed our gymnastics while judging! =] It was an awesome experience to get into the Gold Dome and kick our season off on the right foot!

However we not only had our awesome intra-squad Monday but we also had our first day back to school! It was the seniors last first day of our undergrad career! But it’s okay because we are going to cherish it and remember to stop and smell the chalk! Everybody is so excited to be back in Shreveport and hanging out with our team and a lot of us have classes together so this semester is going to be an awesome semester, I can feel it!! 

So far our week went super awesome and we are gearing up to travel this up coming weekend to FLIP FEST in Tennessee!! Our gymnastics can only go up from here and we are all stepping it up so we can rock it out and have a killer season!! Stay tuned to hear all about our first meet!!