Gym talk with Christine
Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello Everyone! Junior Christine Langston here.

After returning from our bus trip to Cape Girardeau, MO to compete at SEMO we began our week with a really awesome practice on Sunday!  We put in some hard work getting numbers in and really pushing ourselves in our strength and endurance.  Then we began the new week with an early morning practice on Monday.  The rest of the week we were focusing on the little things; working on perfecting skills, finding that .10 we can improve on in each of our routines or adding new skills into our routines for this weekend’s competition. After two more practices we were off to Muncie, Indiana to compete against Ball State and Penn.

We left on Thursday morning after attending a few classes.  We had to drive to Dallas to catch our flight; on the way to the airport we stopped for lunch and Coach Jackie’s daughter, Tedi, met us.  She brought her puppy, who she is training to be a service dog, with her.  I know Coach Jackie was happy to see her daughter, but I think she was just as happy to see her grand puppy!  After lunch we headed to the airport, pulled into the remote parking lot, put the window down on the van to get the ticket for parking and then the window wouldn’t go back up!  So after we parked we played with the window for a few minutes trying to get it to work with no luck.  We ended up pulling it up and taping it with athletic tape!  It’s always an adventure when you travel with the Ladies!

After getting off our flight we discovered how cold it was in Indianapolis!!  BRRRRRRR!  We still had a short drive to Muncie, and we stopped for a nice dinner on the way, everyone ordered soup!  Friday morning we woke up, went to breakfast and then to the arena to do our mental choreography. After that we came back to the hotel where most of us did homework and we also got to have some “hair time” with Tawnee’s awesome mom (who owns a hair salon).   Mrs. Hadd always brings supplies with her when they come to our meets so she can make the team look even more beautiful! After lunch we had a couple hours to get ready to leave for the meet!

We started on beam, which is always hard and it is the first time this year we had that experience.  We started out a little rough, but after the first two people fell we were able to turn it around and the last four people in our line-up made their routines!  It was good experience for the end of the line-up to learn they can handle the pressure of hitting their routines after a fall.  Floor was definitely shaky at this meet and we know we are a much better floor team than we showed at Ball State.  Bars was probably the best event for us overall as we are really starting to show how good we can be on bars! A couple shout outs; to Jessica for hitting all four of her routines and finishing 2nd in the all-around, to Chimi for her career high score on bars, and to Stephanie for her made beam routine even with the mustached men yelling at her!

We are already back in the gym working hard to make the improvements needed for our two home meets coming this week-end.  Be sure not to miss SENIOR NIGHT on Friday, February 8, at 6 pm, where we will celebrate our four seniors; Meg Crowley, Jessica Leiblich, Amanda Holt and Christy Martinez.  We also compete Sunday at 2 pm.  Everyone come out and support your Ladies!

Love, Christine