Gym talk with Sylvia
Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey Centenary fans! This is sophomore Sylvia Keiter here to tell you all the great things that happened this weekend! And let me tell you, it was a great weekend to be a Centenary Ladies gymnastics fan!

It’s always nice to be competing at home in the Gold Dome and after we set up all the equipment on Wednesday night, we couldn’t wait to get out there in front of our Centenary family. On Friday night we hosted the University of Alaska and Winona State University. It was a very important night for all of us but especially for our four seniors, so we had to give them a night to remember!

Throughout the meet each event kept getting better and better. We all had high energy and smiles across everyone’s faces. Not to mention a top-notch crowd brought in by freshman Kellie Slater! We had season and career highs for Kellie on beam, 9.6 and floor, 9.725 and both Meg and Robyn on beam with a 9.8. We finished the night off with our fun filled floor routines! The seniors were then announced as they walked out with their parents and the announcer said all of their accomplishments. After that all the teams came out onto the floor to hear the final results. In 3rd place was Winona State. We were all on edge wondering what our score added up to. When we heard Alaska in 2nd, our hearts sunk. As we waited to hear our name called we all were smiling from ear to ear. As they announced Centenary we jumped up and waved to the crowd with excitement. We finished the night off with a 190.5. It was definitely a night to remember. We all went to eat at Appetizers where Kellie’s club gym hosted our meal! What awesome fans!! We got the next day off so we could be well rested for another round on Sunday.

After a nice day off it was back to work on Sunday! We started the meet off with some strong vaults and it didn’t stop there. Hit after hit, our routines were looking flawless. Stephanie had a career high on bars with a 9.775 and Tawnee also had a career high on beam with a 9.725, and Jess finished first in the all-around with the second highest score of her career!. As we wrapped it up on floor we felt like we came out strong. As they tallied up the scores the fans along with the competitors all danced to the cupid shuffle. But then it was time to reveal the night’s standings. Although we came in 2nd ,(by 0.8 of a point!), it was our highest score of the year! We scored a 191.15 and we were very proud of ourselves. It was a very successful weekend to say the least!

We don’t have a meet this upcoming weekend so we will use this free weekend to work hard and heal injuries and be even more ready for our next meet at TWU! If we keep working as hard as we already are, nothing can stop us!

Much love,