On the bump with Cole Thompson
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello Gents’ fans and welcome back to another edition of “On the Bump”. The past week has been very busy for us as we played a doubleheader on Wednesday against Jarvis Christian, and then we spent the weekend in Georgetown, Texas playing our first conference series against Southwestern.

We had this past Monday and Tuesday off from school for Mardi Gras break. Only in Louisiana would you get school off for Mardi Gras. Anyways, we were limited with our time on the field on Monday and Tuesday because of inclement weather in the Shreveport area.

We played the Jarvis Christian Bulldogs on Wednesday in our home opener of the 2013 season. In game one, Holden Novak, Chase Clarke, Taylor Henry, and myself held the Bulldogs to one run through seven innings. We only allowed one walk, which was key to our success. At the plate, Marc Martinez and Christian Sebastien had multi-hit games. Jemari James also had two RBI to pace our offense. We played a fairly clean game and won 6-1.

In game two, our pitching was solid, but a few defensive miscues and an unlucky offense caused us to fall 4-3. At the plate, we squared up seven or eight balls to the outfield that were hit right at the defense. Paul Arcement, Trey Guccione, and Grady Flournoy threw well for us and only allowed one walk throughout the game. Matt Creamer and Craig Littleman had an RBI a piece for us.

On Thursday we had a short practice as we prepared to take on Southwestern in our first conference series in the SCAC. We left Shreveport around 1:30 on Friday afternoon and embarked on the six-hour trip to Georgetown, Texas. We arrived at Southwestern that evening and had a practice at their field in order to acclimate ourselves to the environment and the way the field played. After practice, the Centenary pitching staff filmed a “Harlem Shake” (YouTube fad) video. You can look at our official Twitter page (@CentGents) to see video of the dance.

On Saturday we played a doubleheader and I was really proud of how our team came out and performed. In game one, Layton Tromba came out and threw really well for us. He threw a complete game and allowed our offense to extend the lead throughout the game. Offensively, Tyler Clakley, Christian Sebastien, Jemari James, and Craig Littleman had multi-hit games. Also, Ryan Gasporra showed great plate discipline as he drew four walks. Marc Martinez led the offense with three RBI, and Tyler Clakley had three extra base hits to go along with an outfield assist.

In game two of the day our offense continued their assault and put up 16 runs. Taylor Henry and myself combined to pitch the whole game, and our defense played fairly well. Jemari James paced the offense by going 4-for-4 and driving in two runs. Marc Martinez and Craig Littleman also had multi-hit games. Tyler Clakley had four RBI including a home run and Ryan Gasporra scored four runs. Louis Gonzalez also recorded his first hit and RBI of the season as a pinch-hitter. Greg Monnette and Zach Stephenson also made their first appearances of the season. It was nice to extend our lead so that we could get some of our younger guys some valuable game experience.

Saturday night was an interesting night at the hotel. Grady Flournoy, Trey Guccione, Zach Stephenson, and myself got stuck in the elevator for 45 minutes at the hotel. I have never been stuck in an elevator before, and I don’t really want to again. It was pretty hot in there and I didn’t have any phone service. The police and a fire truck showed up and eventually got us out though.

In the series finale our offense kept up their ferocious pace. Marc Martinez (5 RBI) and Tyler Clakley (4 RBI) set the tone and the rest of the offense followed suit. Matt Creamer scored three runs, and Ben Schweinfurth showed excellent patience as he worked three walks. Creamer, Martinez, Clakley, and Craig Littleman all had multi-hit games. An interesting statistic from the game is that all 11 of our position players that played in Sunday’s game scored a run. Adam Van and Nic Parrott also added two RBI a piece for our offense. On the mound, Paul Arcement gave us three solid innings to start the game. Chase Clarke, Trey Guccione, Holden Novak, and Grady Flournoy combined to throw the rest of the game and close out a weekend sweep for us.

As a team, we scored 48 runs this weekend. Anytime your offense averages 16 runs a game, you have to like your team’s chances of winning. We played a little sloppy at times, but there is not really much to be disappointed about as a whole. We have a few things that we can tune up, but I was really happy with the way that we elevated our level of play for our first conference series. Now, we just have to keep up that intensity and focus over the next three months.

This weekend we play a three game non-conference series with the Hendrix Warriors. We played Hendrix last season and took two out of three from them, but they were a very competitive team and I expect them to be a solid challenge for us. Stop by next week to hear about our week of practice and our series with Hendrix. Go Gents!