Gymtalk with Christine
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hi Everybody, Junior Christine Langston here with this week’s Gym Talk.

This week has been a wonderful, sunny week here in Louisiana. The weather has been warm and we have been working hard in the gym in order to be able to use this last week before conference efficiently. This past week everyone has been working very hard on their cardio and endurance in our routines so that we are more than ready for these last few meets, Conference and Nationals. We have been focusing on the details in our routines and keeping our big skills strong and tight. We had a couple days off this week, which was nice because we were able to do some team bonding, and because the weather was warm, we did it at the river at our very own “beach”. Several of us spent Friday and Saturday afternoons there just enjoying the warm, sunny weather.

Saturday morning, however, we did what is called The Big Event here at Centenary. It is a big, community and campus wide community service project that Centenary College puts on in order to give back to the Shreveport community. We were split up into different groups; several of us went to the Salvation Army and helped them sort through all of their new deliveries and take old things off the shelves and put the new things on. Another group went to help clean of one of the local parks. While another group went to some houses to help them paint and wash windows and rake leaves. After we did our community service we all came back and had a carnival on campus at Jones Rice field. The carnival included a dunking booth, face painting, a Velcro wall, a bounce house and plenty of food for the volunteers.  Everyone had a lot of fun!

Today’s practice was focused on team-oriented assignments since everyone was in the gym at the same time today. After we did each event we did some cardio that was hard but we all felt stronger after we were done with it! There was a lot of teamwork and cheering throughout the practice today. We were all ready to be back in the gym after having had Friday and Saturday off! Today was also a special day because it was one of our freshman’s birthday today! Happy 19th Birthday to my lil’ sis, Stephanie Strickler! We all love you and hope you had the best birthday, even if you did get very sweaty!

Stay tuned next week for my fellow Junior, Tawnee Hadd’s Gym Talk!