Gymtalk with Tawnee
Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello Ladies Fans,

I am Tawnee Hadd, a junior on the amazing Centenary Gymnastics Team.  This last week was another wonderful week in the gym for the Centenary Ladies. We had Monday off from practice but we got to set up our very own equipment in the Gold Dome! We would like to thank the soccer team for coming and helping us set it up, you guys are the BEST! The rest of the week we had the opportunity to work out in the Gold Dome. It is the greatest feeling walking into the Gold Dome and seeing all of the gymnastics equipment set up! All week we were practicing hard in preparation for our Conference meet.

After a full week of hard, consistent practices we were ready for Conference. Our rotation was great, we started on Vault! Jessica Lieblich, a senior on the team started us out with a great layout, and our vaults and scores built from then on. Meg Crowley (senior) made her 10.0 vault for the first time in her career!! That is one thing I love about this team; each gymnast is always working to learn more and to add to and upgrade their routines, even the seniors! Leaving vault with our heads held high we headed to bars.

Amanda Holt (senior) started us out with a career high of 9.7, and then Meg Crowley went up with her career high of 9.75! This really got the team pumped! The rest of the bar stars HIT their routines one after another, with Jessica and Robyn Price both scoring career highs as well! We ended up with a team score of 48.775, which is the highest a Centenary bar team has scored in 4 years!  Our bar team and our coach have been working so hard on making bars a stronger event and they have been improving all year long.  Saturday night was so great to see all of their hard work pay off!

Now it was time to calm down our energy a little and go to beam. We weren’t as successful on beam as we wanted to be, but there was a couple of amazing things that happened on beam! Meg Crowley (senior) had a wonderful routine scoring an amazing 9.775, and I scored a career high on beam, which was a great felling!! Feeling a little disappointed we pulled it together and decided to have some fun on floor! Our floor routines looked amazing! Stephanie Strickler (freshman) competed in the floor line-up for the first time all year, and she did an amazing job scoring a 9.625! Christy Martinez (senior) went out and scored another career high on floor with a 9.775, and Meg also had an amazing routine scoring a career high of 9.875, winning the title of MIC floor champion!! Meg took 3rd all around with a remarkable career high 39.10; Robyn also placed 3rd on bars and 4th on floor. Although we didn’t do as well as we wanted to on beam as a team, overall we had a great meet! We are continuing to reach our goal of improving every meet and finished with a season high team score of 192.90!!!

Overall the weekend went great! I need to shout out to my teammates who were named to the scholastic All-Conference team; Meg, Jessica, Christy, Amanda, Christine Langston, and Stephanie.  Also to Meg and Robyn for being named first team All-Conference!  And to our coach who was named MIC coach of the year! 

We had a really fun week-end of competition, but now we have several things we need to work on and can improve!  We have 2 ½  weeks of practice before nationals and we plan to pull together as a team and fix every little detail we can, while enjoying these last few weeks of season!

I would just like to thank all of the amazing parents that came to support us this weekend, and also the ones who weren’t there but have been supporting us all season! YOU’RE ALL AMAZING!!

Until next time!


Tawnee Hadd