Gymtalk with Meg
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is the Centenary Gymnastics teams’ final Gymtalk of 2013, so I would like to start at the beginning. When we started this year the returning athletes each wrote a line to create our quote for the year; this quote became our ‘mantra’ and we said it at the beginning of practice every day:

I believe in the power of OUR team;

together we can conquer any challenge or move any mountain.

I believe we can uplift and inspire those around us, because individually we are good but together we are GREAT.

Together our team will be a unified front to weather any storm; our blood, sweat and tears will be worth it in the end.

I believe in never quitting, no regrets and laying it all out on the line;

one team, one heart, pushing each other from the start.

I will push through the hard times and appreciate the good times, because this is the sport we love with the team we cherish.

This team will do whatever it takes and fight till the end, with UNITY we will change the course of history!!"

Every part of this quote has come true this season; the season has had its ups and downs, but we have stayed true to our goals and accomplished things we only dreamed about at the beginning. We came into our national championships this past weekend as the underdogs, ranked 11th and only making it in because we were the host team. There were some who thought we did not deserve to be there, but we knew and BELIEVED that we did. We never quit and we left it all on the competition floor this weekend. I could not be more proud of all this team has accomplished. Our first meet of the season we scored a 183 and we ended the season 3rd place in the nation with a 193.975; it was a magical moment for the Centenary Ladies which was made even more special knowing all of the struggles we went through to get there. These girls helped my dreams come true and gave me and the other seniors the best senior season any of us could have asked for!

Today was the end of my almost 20 year long gymnastics career; marking the end of my collegiate gymnastics career. Looking back on it now, I can honestly say deciding to come to Centenary to become a collegiate gymnast was one of, if not, the best decision I have made in my life. The coaches and teammates I have had over the past four years have changed me forever; I have grown as a gymnast, but most importantly I have grown as a person. Coach Jackie and my teammates have pushed me to be better and work harder than I ever thought I could on my own.

I never thought I would do bars again after undergoing shoulder surgery my senior year in high school, which was perfectly fine with me because I never really liked bars that much anyway. This year though, I decided I would give it another try. It was hard in the beginning and the first couple of meets were rough, but Coach Jackie continued to believe in me and put me in line up. I am so thankful she did because I began to realize I actually do kind of like bars! Many gymnasts in college graduate doing for the most part the same skills and routines they came in with as freshmen, but Coach Jackie has pushed us to become better gymnasts, better than we ever thought we could be. Every single one of the seniors is graduating as a greatly improved gymnast from when they started here. This is our legacy; this is what we leave for the future Ladies to work and strive for!

 Even though this is an end to another season I know the Centenary Ladies will continue to change the course of history. My part as a gymnast is now over, but Centenary gymnastics will always be a part of me.  I will join the other alumni in the crowd enthusiastically watching the team compete, wishing we could be out on the floor again. Our time on the floor has passed, but we will always be Centenary Ladies!

Thanks for reading, loving, supporting, mentoring, and cheering us on this season. We could not have done it without our fans, friends, and family.