GymTalk: The Seniors
Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello Centenary Fans! We’re back!

It’s your Seniors here with the 2013-2014 Ladies team, Robyn, Christine and Tawnee! We were sad summer was over, but so excited about getting back to school and seeing our old teammates and meeting our new ones! It was awesome to get back to our beautiful campus and to get our new dorm rooms set-up!  We had a great first week of classes as well! Thursday was our first time doing something as team as we got dressed up and went to the President’s Convocation.  Afterwards we took some time to take pictures of our new team before heading back to our afternoon classes.

We had our first gymnastics class this week as well. It went great! We started out showing our rookies how we start classes with TenTime, then we split up into three different groups of Bars, Floor and Beam. We did basics and got acclimated with the equipment. It was a very loud and productive day, and it was awesome to see our rookies getting comfortable with our team and the gym. After we were done doing our events, we got together to do some cardio and strength conditioning.

We also had some alumni stop in to meet the new team and help us get back in the swing of things. We are so excited to have more time in the gym and make it count in order to have a great year! Tune in next time to continue to see the progress of the Centenary Ladies 2014.


Love Your Seniors,

Tawnee Hadd

Robyn Price

Christine Langston