GymTalk: Noel Stubbs
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hey ladies gym fans! This is Junior, Noel Stubbs coming to you with updates from the AMAZING Centenary Ladies Gymnastics Team.

This week we had a lot of improvements in the gym and our ladies are definitely coming together as a team! We are starting to put routines together and getting ready for our first inter-squad! Last Sunday was our first “landmark day” for our team; these are days our team has marked through-out the fall semester to hit certain goals. We have started putting half sets and full set routines together and perfecting our old skills. On Tuesday we all met up at the track to have morning conditioning. This was a great morning for the Ladies because we feel ourselves getting stronger and pushing each other to become a C-unit. We are definitely making strides in the right direction to make this year an awesome year for the ladies.

We also did the revealing of our new big sisters/little sisters with a cupcake party. On our team we have upperclassmen paired with a little sister to help them along with their first couple of years in school and in the gym. Sisters are a way for upperclassman to mentor our freshman and sophomores throughout their years here at Centenary.

Stay tuned for next week’s gym talk !

See you soon!

Junior, Noel Stubbs (Baby No-No!)