GymTalk: Kellie Slater
Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey Ladies Gymnastics Fans!

This is sophomore, Kellie Slater, here to tell you what we’ve been up to!

Your ladies have been really busy lately both in the gym and the classroom. With good test grades coming back from everyone, we are really hoping to achieve our academic goals this year.

We’ve also really been hitting it hard on our Tuesday and Thursday morning conditioning practices. We have been spending our Tuesday mornings on the track at Captain Shreve High School. It’s always a tough morning, but we are able to get through it with the support of our teammates.

Sadly, this past weekend our wonderful Coach, Jackie was out of town doing some recruiting of future ladies! Open gym was not cancelled though! Your Ladies were in the gym Friday, Saturday, and Sunday getting lots of work done. A special thank you to Lauren Carlton, Marisa, and Devon for being at all of our open gym practices throughout the weekend, the Ladies had so much fun with you all and we appreciate your help so much!

Everyone is working hard and looking great when we get a chance to get in the gym. Several of us have already started twisting vaults, doing release combinations on bars, and some people even did full beam routines last week-end! By getting started sooner during our pre-season, we are hoping to be ready for competition even earlier this year!

Be on the lookout for next week’s gym talk from sophomore, Stephanie Strickler!

Talk to you soon!

Kellie Slater (SJ)